Tom DeLonge Releases “Circle-Jerk-Pit” Video


Tom DeLonge’s solo album To the Stars: Odds, Ends, and Demos was officially released today, and to honor the eight-song record, the former Blink-182 singer released the music video for “Circle-Jerk-Pit,” a song that most definitely was a Blink-182 demo (or something from the Box Car Racer days).

Unlike the music video for “New World,” which showed an angered and pissed off DeLonge rather than the one the public had seen during the Blink-182 drama chronicles, “Circle-Pit-Jerk” shows a bunch of kids or “young adults” doing what they do best; skateboarding in empty pool, doing donuts in empty parking lots, and of course underage drinking (if they are underage, that is) while hitting golf balls at each other.

Ah, youth.

Also, no DeLonge in sight, unless he made a super quick cameo that we missed (it happens).

Check out the music video below.

Tom DeLonge Streams “Circle-Jerk-Pit”

Tom DeLonge’s solo album is getting closer to being released and last night, the former Blink-182 vocalist released another “new” song from the upcoming record.

The new song is titled “Circle-Jerk-Pit” and sounds like it might have been one of those Blink-182 demos he teased fans about when he announced officially announced the released of To the Stars: Odds, Ends, and Demos. Just listening to the song, you can tell how reminiscent it is of old school skate punk songs or like many pointed out, Boxcar Racer’s “My First Punk Song.”

Check out the track below.

“Circle-Jerk-Pit” joins lead single, and recently released music video, “New World” and previously released track “The Invisible Parade” on DeLonge’s first solo record.

To the Stars: Odds, Ends, and Demos will be released on April 20 though, we’re not sure if DeLonge will be releasing any new tracks leading up to the release of the compilation.