Watch Fall Out Boy Perform at Chicago Cubs’ Season Opener

When you’re a band with a well-known baseball team and an iconic sports venue in your hometown, it might be kind of dream to be able to play the venue for that team, right?

Well, Fall Out Boy were given a chance to do just that over the weekend.

The Chicago boys helped kick off the 2015 Major League Baseball season yesterday afternoon live from Wrigley Field. According to a press statement which was released the week before, they were scheduled to play several songs including “Uma Thurman,” “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ’em Up)” and “Centuries” live on the field before the opening night game.

As of now, the only footage we’ve managed to get is of their performances of “Centuries” which can be seen below.

Side note: if you happen to catch a glimpse of drummer Andy Hurley and his kind of upset face during the video, don’t worry. Some are saying (jokingly) that he was upset because he had to wear a shirt during the performance. If you’ve seen Fall Out Boy live before, you know how much Andy hates wearing shirts.

Fall Out Boy recently made news when it was revealed that they would be helping induct Green Day into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this month.

Fall Out Boy Want You to Remember Them for “Centuries”


A month or so after photos were uploaded online from fans present at the filming of Fall Out Boy’s new music video, which ruined their new music surprise, the band have finally released the official music video for the track.

Watch as the gladiator versions of themselves become the “David” against the big creepy “Goliath” in their version of the story.

Oh, and you might want to keep your eyes to the screen, because there is a really weird cameo from someone we would never expect.

No more information has been given about the band’s upcoming new record aside from the confirmation that it will be “coming soon” through Island/D2C2 Records, though there rumblings that it will be titled Centuries.

Brooklyn Duo Cover Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries”


What happens when you take a song from a certain pop-punk band and give it a twist with some piano and a cello? A cover that might just send a massive chill down your spine of how good it is.

Typically when fans cover songs, they tend to stick closely with the way the original musician recorded the track. Brooklyn Duo which like their name are a duo and only use the piano and cello to cover song. No singing.

So if you can imagine what Fall Out Boy’s newest track, “Centuries” would sound like with only a cello and a piano, that’s probably only a portion of how good the real thing is.

Check out the video below and the rest of their stuff if you have the time. (It’s Friday, so of course you do.)

As for Fall Out Boy, recently it was revealed that a new song of theirs will appear in Disney’s new movie, Big Hero 6. The song, “Immortals” was featured slightly towards the end of the new trailer for the film which premiered exclusively yesterday during the New York Comic Con.

As for the new album, we’re waiting for the official title, which is believed to be Centuries, and the official release date.

Fall Out Boy Perform “Centuries” on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’


It’s been a week since Fall Out boy premiered their new song, “Centuries” and last night, the band took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform it live for the first time.

The live performance, which can be seen below, feature some crosses in the background which makes us wonder if they will play a key part in the look of the new album (or maybe just the track). If you don’t remember too far back, fans that were fortunate enough to make it to the recording of the official music video for the song took picture of a wooden cross.

Check out the live performance.

“Centuries” will be featured on Fall Out Boy’s upcoming record that was almost certainly confirmed by bassist, Pete Wentz. As of now, there’s no projected release date nor a title for the record yet. Rumor has it that they might name it Centuries. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Fall Out Boy Unleash “Centuries”


It felt like history was repeating itself when Fall Out Boy announced plans to release a new song only to be outdone by their fans who spread the word faster than a fire on social media after a music video shoot.

But, it didn’t matter how clever the fans were, because the band managed to hold the song in secret until its scheduled debut today on DJ Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show.

“Centuries” is set to be the band’s lead single from that upcoming record which is currently in the works.

Listen to the song below.

“Centuries”  currently on sale for those in North America, while the track will be available worldwide beginning at midnight.

Though talk about a new album has been minimal, there was a recent interview with bassist Pete Wentz hinted that their sixth studio album is in the works. “We’re writing, finishing out the album cycle in South Africa in September.” When the record is finally released, it will be through Island/DCD2.

New Fall Out Boy on the Horizon


It sounds like Fall Out Boy have been holding out on their fans.

Over the past few days, reports have been surfacing that the band had recorded a music video for a brand new, never before heard track. The track is reportedly titled “Centuries” while the music video will feature fans of the band.

Proof of the band’s open cast calling and picture from those on the set had been uploaded onto the web. Just a normal, daily occurrence from the generation that we live in.


Today, the rumors of the new song hit overdrive when the band post a five second clip featuring a blacked out screen and Morse code. We’re not experts nor do we know Morse code, but we’re going to assume it has something to do with the new song.

As if that wasn’t enough of a confirmation, DJ Zane Lowe from BBC Radio 1 confirmed earlier today that a new Fall Out Boy song would premiere on Monday, Sept. 8.

Check out the clip below.

From the pictures some fans had posted online from the video shoot, we only know that there’s a man nailed to a cross featured in the video (among other Bible characters according to the casting call) and that Pete Wentz is now very, very blonde.

Fall Out Boy released their hit “reunion” record Save Rock and Roll last year and followed it up with an EP titled PAX AM Days. The band also just finished wrapping up their “MONUMENTOUR” alongside Paramore.