Ringo Starr Becomes a PowerPuff Girl


If you had to reread the titled a few time before reaching point and are still a bit confused, don’t worry, so were we.

A few weeks back, it was reported that Ringo Starr would in fact be in the upcoming Powerpuff Girls special which is scheduled to premiere on January 20 on Cartoon Network. The former Beatle is set to play a flamboyant mathematician named Fibonacci Sequins.

In a recently obtained video from the people over at TV Guide, we see Sequins jamming out with the three little girls to “Wish I Was a PowerPuff Girl.” The video, much like the series from the 90s, is full of bright colors and rainbows and even shows Sequins donning a yellow version of the dresses that the PowerPuff Girls wear.

Trippy, dude.


While Starr has been keeping himself busy currently, this week marks an important moment for the Beatles. The 50th anniversary of their iconic appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show is right around the corner and The Recording Academy revealed that there will be a special dedicated to them with over a dozen performers taking the stage to honor the band.