Sum 41 Launch Pledge Music Campaign for New Album


The Sum 41 comeback is officially underway.

Now that frontman Deryck Whibley and his side project, Deryck Whibley and the Happiness Machines, have wrapped up their three show stint in California, it looks like its full steam ahead for the Canadian band and their new record.

Taking to Pledge Music, the band have launched a crowdsoucing “project” to help fund the recording of the new album. In a message to fans, they write how after a “crazy few years for all of us in one way or another” it was time to get the band back together after a “much-needed break and a new lease on life.”

The new lease on life, which most likely brought the group back together was Whibley’s near death experience last year when he was hospitalized for kidney and liver failure. Soon after the hospitalization, Whibley began to post photos on social media of him hanging out with some of his then-former bandmates and like all things, it evolved from there into writing new music.

On their Pledge Music page, the band are currently offering several pre-order options for the not-yet-titled record. Pre-order packages range from the $10 package that includes a digital download of the new album with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to a $500 package that gets the buyer the opportunity to hit the studio with the band and also hang out with them when they record the music video for their first single off the record.

All information about the new album and the project can be seen here.

Sum 41’s last album was 2011’s Screaming Bloody Murder and was the last record to feature original drummer, Steve Jocz who left the group in 2013.

As of now, there’s no projected release time frame for the new record, but if you follow the campaign then there’s a chance followers will find out before us.

VERSA Frontwoman Updates Fans on New Album Status


It’s been over a year since VERSA (formerly VersaEmerge) released any new material, even though they had promised fans that they would be working on some new music since the slight taste they from the duo’s Neon EP.

In the year since the three-song album was released, the band have been quiet with no information on whether or not they were currently working on new music or if they had called it a day. Now, after such a long pause, it seems the duo might be working on some new material.

In response to a question a fan posted on Tumblr, frontwoman Sierra Kusterbeck revealed that they would be starting a crowdfundng campaign to help fund their new full-length album; the first full-length under their new name.

“hi! thanks for being a long time fan of the music. of course we want to come to brazil, we’re always mentioning it when we talk about touring. just need to release the rest of our music and then get it in the works. we plan to do a crowd funding campaign for our full length and extra money will get us down to brazil for sure! <3”

Back in 2013, fans of VersaEmerge were given a big shock when the band abruptly dropped off of the Vans Warped Tour. Soon after the departure from the traveling rock show, news hit that the band had been dropped from Fueled by Ramen even though no actual reason was given. Following that, they deleted all social media accounts associated with VersaEmerge and re-emerged with new social media accounts for VERSA.

Female Artists Come Together for School of Doodle


When we think of girl power, the first image that might come to mind are women fighting for equal rights because there should be equality for all women (and people in general).

But, what happens when you take some of the most powerful women from the rock world and get them together for a worthy cause? You get those women raising funds to help give girls a chance to excel in the arts.

Last week, a Kickstarter campaign was launched for School of Doodle, a new online high school for girls that seek to “activate girls’ imaginations through entertainment, education, and community.”

And the list of musicians who are involved will blow your mind. Courtney Love, Kim Gordon (formerly of  Sonic Youth), Yoko Ono, Sia, Cat Power, and Pussy Riot. Visual artist Jenny Holzer and actress Natasha Lyone have also been enlisted to help with the campaign.

The project seeks to raise $75,000 and to do so, they will be selling a collection of doodles and drawings by the musicians as well as other female artists and thinkers. The book is currently available with a $50 donation to the campaign.

“We are very specific in using the word ‘imagination’ and not ‘creativity,'” campaign creator Molly Logan said in an email sent to MTV about the project.

“We find that people interpret creativity as tied to art or learned skills while they all agree that imagination is something everyone has and takes many forms. Lessons will not be restricted to art and the development of the curriculum will be driven by our Doodle community and our teen board of directors.”

At present time, the campaign has raised $47,706 with 26 days left. If everything goes according to plan and the donation goals are met, the school will be opened by late 2014.

Johnson & Johnson Use Guns N’ Roses Song for New Ad


Did you ever think you would see the day where Guns N’ Roses would be featured in a new campaign for family values? Well that say has officially come.

Johnson & Johnson, the company and family behind pretty much everything that you have in your house has chosen the band’s hit song, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” as the song to be featured in their brand new campaign.

Over the past few days, talks of the song being chosen for the campaign started and today it has become official with the video for the ad. The a little over 60-second, black and white video features a childlike voice singing the lyrics while sentimental pictures flash in the background.

This is the company’s first attempt at a new branding idea in 10 years while this same song got the lullaby treatment early last month by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star.

Check out the Johnson & Johnson campaign featuring “Sweet Child O’ Mine” below: