The Rocket Summer Announce New Album


After being inactive for several years, The Rocket Summer has returned. Taking to social media, head honcho Bryce Avary revealed that he will be releasing a brand new album soon. Along with the news, he also revealed that he had joined forces with Pledge Music to release all kind of cool packages including things like the typical CDs and digital downloads of the record to crazy packages like playing cowbells on stage with the group, a chance to be on the band’s show guest list for life, and even the chance to go into the studio with Avary for two days.

A little bit of everything for everyone’s taste (and budget).

Read the statement from Avary about the group’s return, below.

“The Rocket Summer has returned.

I can’t even tell you how great this feels to be announcing the Pre-Order of this new full length album! I locked myself away for longer than ever to put my absolute everything into writing and recording an endless amount of new music that would push me further creatively than any of my previous albums. The result is an album that has it’s own special, unique sound that I couldn’t be more excited about and am so ready to share with you. I feel this is a new special chapter for TRS and I can’t wait to experience this with you guys. I’ve missed you all terribly while in the laboratory!

In addition to the pre-order of the new album, for the first time ever we’re offering unique experience packages to make this release as special as possible. Every pledge gets you a digital download of the album upon release as well as access to behind-the-scenes content and updates along the way.

Thank you SO MUCH for being such a huge part of this; none of it would exist without you. I can’t wait to get this new music out and get back on the road where I’ll be bringing a mountain of pent up excitement and energy along with me.

Let’s do this!


For more information about all the pre-order, click here.

As of now, the album’s name, release date, cover art, upcoming tour dates, and other important information are unknown. Avary has promised that all the information will come n due time.

The Rocket Summer’s last official release was 2013’s Christmas Madness EP. Before that, they released their fifth full-length record, Life Will Write the Words, back in 2012.