Of Mice & Men Call Out the “Broken Generation”


Of Mice & Men have just released their music video for their song, “Broken Generation” from their upcoming reissue of 2014’s album of the same name, Restoring Force: Full Circle.

With a title like that, it gives the impression that the California band have a lot to say about the generation that makes up part of their fanbase.

Fitting with the song of said broken generation is its music video showcasing what has become the norm in the 2000’s; everyone so glued to their electronics that they don’t even notice the things happening in front of them.

We especially loved the parts of the people at the party on their phone s rather than socializing with one another and the customer at the restaurant completely oblivious to the waitress because she’s on her phone. Sadly, it has become the norm and what’s even more sad are those that always say they will “die” if they can’t have a phone on hand (or those that are always frantically looking for an outlet to charge).

Watch the music video below.

Restoring Force: Full Circle will be released on Feb. 24.