For Today announce disbandment, massive final tour

Fans of For Today have been given saddening news; the metalcore band will be disbanding. On Tuesday (July 5), the Iowa-based band announced that after 11 years together, they will be breaking up. In a joint statement by the band, they reveal the news, assuring fans that the band members will remain best friends. Unlike with a lot of bands, they tell fans that there are no behind-the-scenes drama that forced this outcome, but that it was the best decision for them.

While the news of the disbandment is heartbreaking for those who follow the group, there is one silver lining; a final tour. In addition to the statement, they also revealed a lengthy final tour which will find the group performing in North America, South America, and Europe. As of now, the band has released the list of tour dates and the cities where the shows will happen, but not the venues. For now, you can read the band’s full statement below as well as the poster for their final tour.

“After over 11 years as a band, six full-length albums and one EP, we have decided to make 2016 the last year of For Today.

When we started this band in 2005, we never imagined that our music would make it out of Sioux City, Iowa, let alone take us all around the world multiple times. Our lives have been hugely impacted by the time we’ve spent making music and touring. We met our wives, had kids, and relocated to different states because of For Today.

It’s been an incredible experience, but we feel like now is the time to close this chapter of our lives and move on. There’s no behind-the-scenes drama happening or disagreements between band members. We’re all still best friends and will continue to be long after the band is over.

We want to thank everybody who has made this possible, especially the fans who have kept us going for so many years. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re doing an extensive farewell tour, hitting all our favorite cities in the country, as well as some international dates.

Come hang out with us one last time and let’s make these last shows some that we’ll never forget!”

For Today released their sixth studio (and final) album, Wake, in the fall of 2015.

Attack! Attack! Call it Quits


After being together for six years, Attack! Attack! have officially called it quits. The band released a statement a few hours ago on their Facebook page, letting fans know that once their Back in Action tour ends, that the band will also be ending.

The statement reads:

“Well everyone, it’s been a wild ride for Attack Attack, but I think it’s about time Whiting and I take some time to write this note.

We want to start by thanking every single one of you that has ever come out to a show, bought a shirt, gotten in a fight over crabcore, or spent the time to send us notes online. We have been insanely blessed to be able to do what we have done with AA and we think it’s time that we wrap up this chapter in our lives.

Yes, this means exactly what you think it means. The Back in Action Tour will be Attack Attack’s final and most ironic tour.

After 6 long years of playing in garages, VFW halls, clubs, open air festivals, and everything in-between. We’ve decided it is time to lay AA down for good.

You are all beautiful, wonderful people, and we want you to know that we deeply appreciate everything you have done for us.

We are sad to lay Attack Attack to rest, but are very excited for what is next in this new chapter of our lives.

Stay Tuned!!!

Much love,

The Andrews”

Guess this means it’s the end of crabcore (whatever that is).