Transit Announce Disbandment


After ten years of being together, Transit has announced their disbandment. On Monday (Feb. 29), the Massachusetts-based band released a statement to fans advising them of their split. In the letter they write that they have decided to close “this current chapter on Transit” to “direct our energy into other aspects of our lives.” But it doesn’t seem like there is any bad blood between the soon-to-be former band mates. “As for us as individuals, we will always love each other and the records we wrote together,” they write about the impending split.

Before officially calling it a day on the group, they did announce plans to close out the chapter of the band with a couple of final shows. Their final mini tour will find them sticking to the Northeastern part of the United States with show in New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut and of course Massachusetts. Read the band’s full statement below and check out the list of final tour dates after that.

“A letter to all who have shed blood, sweat, and tears with us over the last decade:

After ten years of writing, recording, and living on the road, it is time for us to close this current chapter on Transit, as we have decided to direct our energy into other aspects of our lives.

Since 2006 we’ve been given the incredible opportunity of sharing our music with the world, performing in over 14 different countries, and circling our own countless times.

Through all the ups and downs we have witnessed a side of humanity so caring and sincere that we now see the world in a vivid and magnificent light.

As for us as individuals, we will always love each other and the records we wrote together. We love all of you for lending an ear and losing your voices with us.

We will always be able to say that we had the best fans a band could possibly ask for. When we think about the road we’ll see all the faces and friends fly by in one big warm blur. Your stories and kind words helped push us along more than you may ever know.

April 21st to April 26th we will be performing an array of mixed songs from over the years at our final shows as a band. We have chosen some of our favorite intimate clubs to put this to rest at.

We never expected a few basement show to turn into ten years of traveling the world, playing the songs we love. For that we will always be forever grateful. We love you all and thank you.

Nothing lasts forever.

Daniel, Joseph, Brandon, PJ, Torre


Apr 21 – New York, NY – The Studio @ Webster Hall
Apr 22 – Philadelphia, PA – The Foundry @ The Fillmore
Apr 23 – Amityville, NY – Amityville Music Hall
Apr 24 – Hamden, CT – The Space
Apr 26 – Cambridge, MA  – The Sinclair

Funeral For a Friend to Disband after 2016 Tour

The guys of Funeral For a Friend have announced that following the conclusion of their 2016 tour, the band will disband.

Taking to social media on Monday (Sept.14), the Welsh band revealed the news. In the post, frontman Matthew Davies-Kreye explains that the band’s decision to split was a “natural end” since they accomplished everything they set out to do “and way more.” Instead of having a crappy end to a band that lasted 14 and a half-year, the band decided to go out and celebrate by playing the music that touched so many people. Read Davies-Kreye’s full statement below.

“It’s the natural end. We’ve done everything we set out to do and way more than I could ever have hoped so I’m not upset that it’s run its course. We all felt that [2015 album] ‘Chapter And Verse’ was a pretty decent full stop on an incredible 14 and half years of making music together.

So, how do you celebrate a huge part of your life? You play some shows! For me it seemed obvious to go out with both ‘Hours’ and ‘Casually Dressed.’ I feel that both those records distill what Funeral is to a whole load of people more definitively than just piecing together a set from all the records we’ve made. It seems to me that those are the records that matter most and ‘Hours’ to me is my proudest achievement in music with Funeral. I don’t know why but it fills me with an overwhelming sense of pride.”

The final tour will be named the “Last Chance To Dance” tour and will fins the band playing shows in their home country of the United Kingdom. The tour will visit several locations in the U.K. such as Glasgow, Manchester, and of course London during April of 2016.

The group will play two gigs in each city where they will perform 2005’s Hours in full on the first night and 2003’s Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation on the second night. Tickets for the tour dates will officially go on sale beginning this Friday, Sept. 18.

The 2016 tour dates can be seen below.


April 5 – Cardiff @ Y Plas

April 6 – Cardiff @ Y Plas

April 8 – Manchester @ The Ritz

April 9 – Manchester @ The Ritz

April 10 – Glasgow @ Garage

April 11 – Glasgow @ Garage

April 13 – Birmingham @ Institute

April 14 – Birmingham @ Institute

April 15 – London @ O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

April 16 – London @ O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

Funeral For a Friend’s last album was 2014’s Chapter and Verse.

‘Billboard’ “Sources” Claim Fun. are Over; Fans and Band Beg to Differ

Are fun. on the verge of calling it quits?

If you read Billboard’s latest story about the band, then you might be led to believe that the answer is “yes.”
According to the music publication, they had been attempting to get an update on the status of the band, but have not been able to do so.

Instead, the band had taken to Facebook to once again clarify their status that no, they are not done.

Though in Billboard’s words, this post seems to be “out of the blue” we need to remember it seems like every time one of the members are out promoting something, they are constantly being asked the status of the band rather than the new endeavors they are working on.

Billboard has cited several “sources” as the root of the break up rumors with those so-called sources saying that the break up happened due to “clash of egos.”

Billboard has also pointed out that the last time all three members were seen together was back in June when they performed a new song titled, “Harsh Light,”on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon and company were at Universal Studios Orlando for the grand opening of the new addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Fans were quick to point out the last time they performed together was not in Orlando on the Tonight Show, but rather at the Global Citizen Festival in September alongside Jay-Z, Carrie Underwood, No Doubt and several others.

Another fan also pointed out that Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost spent New Year’s Eve together, so any claim there’s a clash of ego there, might not be completely true.

Considering lack of research and checking on Google from the writer’s side, this round goes to fun.

We’re just going to keep imagining that in each member’s downtime, they are coming up ideas for the follow-up to Some Nights.

There for Tomorrow Call It a Day


It’s been about a month since There for Tomorrow released their latest EP, Nightscape, but the band have announced some sad news; they are splitting up.

In a post on Facebook to fans, the band reveal that have decided to call it a day on the band. In the message, they reveal how they took a break from music to try to find themselves, individually, and managed to realize they had been pigeon-holed and put into a spit they never thought would happen.

But, that’s doesn’t mean the band’s goodbye will be the letter they posted to their “friends and family.” The band have decided to say goodbye the only way they know how with two final shows in their hometown of Orlando next month. All information can be found on their Facebook page while the full letter can be read below.

“Dear TFT Fans, Friends & Family,

It’s been no mystery that we’ve made a conscious effort to take time off from traveling since the end of 2012. It was essential for us to come home & take time to find ourselves as individuals. When this all started, we set out on a mission as mere kids. We reached a point at the end of 2012 where we found ourselves feeling a bit trapped creatively, pigeon-holed & painted into a corner that we never anticipated to be in. This band & the music we’ve made over the past decade has never been compromised or forced. It has bonded us with so many thousands of die-hard passionate music lovers that we are so lucky to call fans. It has landed us opportunities to work hand-in-hand with world class talent. The experiences we’ve been so fortunate to have with taking our music around the world has opened so many doors for us as people & for our careers. 

It is now the time in our lives that we must go on & discover these new doors that have opened for each of us. The legacy of There For Tomorrow & the message we always wanted to portray will undoubtedly live with us all forever. There is so much to come in the future for all of us & for us as eager people, we have to explore. There’s no telling what might happen down the road, but for now we created the new ‘Nightscape EP’ as an ode to all of our caring friends & followers. It’s another piece of the puzzle that will last a lifetime. 

We chose to play 2 last shows in our hometown Orlando, the birthplace of TFT next month. If it is within reason, please make an effort to come out so we can thank you personally. We dearly love & cherish all of you who have poured time into what we’ve done since we were little bowl-cut headed Orlando boys. No heavy hearts, no weary minds, just celebration!

December 19th • 
December 20th •

With all the love,

Maika Maile, Jay Enriquez, Christian Climer & Chris Kamrada”

The Dangerous Summer to Release Book


It’s almost been a month since the Dangerous Summer revealed their plans to disband after frontman AJ Perdomo had released a statement revealing his own personal plans to leave the group.

For those few days between his announcement and the band’s, fans already had seen the writing on the walls and knew the inevitable was going to happen; they would be breaking up, officially.

Today, another statement had been made by the band, but does not have to do with a reunion, but rather a book. Apparently, they had taken along so many photographers during their tours to take pictures of all the behind-the-scene antics and now they have put them all together into a book. A warning though, there’s a limited amount of them made so if you want one, netter buy it quick.

Check out the band’s statement about it below.


“We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the most amazing 8 years of our lives.

Over those years we have taken various photographers out on tour and into the studio to capture us behind the scenes. Here is our final farewell: 80 page, full color, high quality photobook capturing images through out the bands career.

LIMITED to 500 Copies Set To Ship May 12th”

The Wanted to Split Up After Tour


The Wanted may be known mostly for picking fights with One Direction and their one-hit song, “Glad You Came” (okay fine two-hit wonder if you count “All Time Low”), but the boy band have just revealed that they are going to be calling it a day.

The group released a joint statement revealing their plans to pull the curtains on the group after their current tour is over. The full statement on all members’ behalf was posted on their website, and can currently be read below.

“The Wanted are pleased to announce the release of their new video and single ‘Glow In The Dark’ taken from their November release ‘Word of Mouth’. They are very excited to perform ‘Glow In The Dark’ along with their smash singles ‘I Found You’, ‘Chasing The Sun’, and ‘Glad You Came’, amongst others for their fans on their upcoming Word of Mouth Tour.

This tour will be their last for a while as Tom, Max, Jay, Siva and Nathan have collectively decided to take time to pursue personal endeavours following the tour’s conclusion. The band wants to stress to their fans that they will continue on as The Wanted and look forward to many successful projects together in the future. They thank their fans for their continued love and support and look forward to seeing them on tour.”

The Wanted’s Word of Mouth tour is set t wrap up on May 17 at The Arena in Shawnee, OK.

Bon Iver No More? Talk About Exaggerating.


If any of you thought that Bon Iver was over and that the band would be no more following frontman, Justin Vernon releasing a side project, Volcano Choir then stop your whining because Vernon himself confirmed that Bon Iver “is not dead.”

For those of you that feel that you missed a big part of what is going on, don’t fret. Some blogs out there, we won’t name them, were reporting that it is the end of the indie act. Vernon and their record label have denied the claims that the act were over and that they were in fact still alive; when they would be releasing a new album is the red herring.

The following statement was released on behalf of Vernon and the record label, Jagjaguwar earlier today when they caught wind of the rumors:

“Bon Iver is not over by any means. Justin isn’t currently writing Bon Iver songs, but that doesn’t mean he won’t write them in the future. Bon Iver is off-cycle, and that is not new news. Right now Justin’s concentration is on preparing for the Volcano Choir tour, the first date being in Chicago on Friday.”

But then again, could you really doubt those blogs about their instant assumption that Bon Iver was no more? While on Australia’s Triple J Radio, in the midst of promoting Volcano Choir’s album, Repave, he did make some statements that would make people think that Bon Iver was no more.

“I don’t really write songs anymore. The last Bon Iver record was a very ‘sitting down with a guitar and writing’ kind of record… I really have to be in a specific headspace to even begin to illuminate an idea that would create another Bon Iver record, and I’m just not there. I’m really honored that Bon Iver gives me a platform to do whatever I want, but there’s only so much time you can spend digging through yourself before you become insular. I’m not in a hurry to go back to that temperature. All of the music I’ve been making shifting away from Bon Iver feels really good … so if I ever do go back to Bon Iver it will be all the better for it.”

See? But before you start standing outside your neighborhood record store for the new Bon Iver album, Vernon said that there is currently no concrete plans of a new album coming out soon.

Sorry about that.

A Rocket to the Moon Call It Quits


In a move that has shocked fans of A Rocket to the Moon, the band have announced that once their tour with The Maine comes to a close, so will their time as a band. Following the information making its way on the internet, the members released a statement thanking fans for being there for them for the past five years and all the good stuff.

“Five years ago we played our first show with our best friends The Maine in Tempe Arizona. We were just a bunch of kids setting out to follow our dreams, see the world and make our parents proud. We are so grateful to be sharing the stage with them again this summer. It is with the heaviest of hearts that we’ve decided this will be our final US tour.

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end this chapter than with our friends that were there from the start. Since 2008 a lot has changed. We have grown as a band and also as individuals. We are band mates, best friends, business partners and most importantly, we are brothers. This band has been our family for the last 5 years. We shared everything with each other and experienced the world together. The bond that we’ve created is irreplaceable. This wasn’t the easiest decision for us, but we all felt like it was the right one and the right time. You guys, our fans, have supported us through everything.

The good times and the bad. We owe you the world and words simply cannot begin to describe the amount of gratitude and love we have for each and every one of you. We ask that you come see us this summer, share some stories, laugh,sing and cry with us. For every ticket stub you’ve collected, record you purchased or T-shirt you picked up at a show, just know it has not gone unnoticed. We hope our music has been able to help you see the light in the darkest of times and has left a lasting impression in your hearts as you have done in ours.

We love you with all of our hearts. Thank you for staying on our side. Lets go out the way we came in, surrounded by loved ones and friends, doing what we love. Here’s to the future. Stay Wild & Free.

-Nick, Andrew, Eric and Justin.
A Rocket To The Moon”