Eve Slams Britney Spears’ Vocals in Song

EveBritney Spears

Earlier today it was reported that there was a video of rapper Eve making indirect comments that Britney Spears did not sing on her latest single, Scream & Shout which features Black Eye Peas’ Will.i.am. When asked by Andy Cohen on his Bravo show, “Watch What Happens Live,” what she thought about the song, she responded with a cryptic “I heard that might not be Britney. That’s what I heard, but you know, I don’t know… it could be Britney. But I heard it wasn’t.”

Now, the pop star’s PR firm is calling BS on the claim against her. Jeff Raymond, Spears’ publicist, was quoted saying, “It’s absolute BS.  Britney sang the song.  Will.i.am wanted her for this song and she sang on it.” The song met lots of mixed reviews, mostly negative when it first came out with many fans not believing that it was Spears behind the horribly fake British accent and ten seconds of the same lines in the song.

Watch the video before and see for yourself if you agree with what Eve says or if Britney has seriously lost it: