Brand New unveiled re-recorded version of ‘Out of Range’


Brand New is about to wrap up their massively successful summer tour with Modest Mouse, so what better time than now to release a new song. On Friday (July 22), the Long Island-founded band released another new song, though technically it isn’t all that new. As pointed out by fans, the new song which is titled “Out of Range,” was released a few years ago. The song was then re-recorded and featured as the B-side track on the Mene 7-inch. Listen to “Out of Range” below.

“Out of Range” joins “Mene” and “I Am a Nightmare” as the sole tracks the group has released recently. As of now, the band hasn’t confirmed whether or not any of the songs will be featured on their highly-anticipated new album. In all honesty, not much is known about that upcoming record besides it being their final album and that Procrastinate! Music Traitors will be releasing it.

Earlier this month, the group completed a few unfinished tracks which date back to 2006 and released them as 3 Demos, Reworked.

New merchandise tease end of Brand New


The Brand New news keeps on trickling in little by little. Last week, the band’s record label, Procrastinate! Music Traitors, all but confirmed the official release of the band’s highly-anticipated new album. That post from the label came a week after the band unleashed their latest single, “I Am a Nightmare” to an unsuspecting public. Now, it looks like the “inevitable breakup” that frontman Jesse Lacey spoke about in 2015 has gotten a time frame.

On Thursday (June 2), the band sneakily uploaded several new shirts onto their website. The new shirts all contain the band’s name as well as “2000-2018.” For fans of the band, seeing the 2000 is common sense since it’s the year the Long Island-based band was formed. The 2018, on the other hand, is probably the year that they did not want to come; the year the band call it a day. But while it seems heartbreaking and earth-shattering to longtime fans of the band, it’s a good time to point out that we are only halfway through 2016, meaning there is still a total of 18 months until then. Check out one of the new shirts below while the rest can be seen on their website here.


While there does seem to be an expiration dates for Brand New, everyone should just enjoy the fact that there is a new album in the near future while their summer tour with Modest Mouse which will officially kick off on Saturday, June 4, at Union Hall in Edmonton, AB. Tonight, Brand New will perform at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC.

Procrastinate! Music Traitors tease release of new Brand New song


Now that it’s been a week since Brand New released a new song, how close are we to that new album fans have been promised? With each passing day, it seems we are not getting answers, but today, we got a little bit of good news to tide us over. On Monday (May 23), the band’s record label, Procrastinate! Music Traitors, release a report of what to expect from the Long Island band. The report details what’s the itinerary for the group which even includes things that have already happened.

To start off, the report makes reference to the “imminent release of single from forthcoming Brand New LP” which has a release date of May 17, 2016; the same day Amazon leaked the name, release date, and 30-second clip of “I Am a Nightmare.” The next bullet is dedicated to a limited-release shirt that went on sale last week and was up for only 24 hours while right after, the news that Brand New will be hitting the Canadian road with mewithoutYou and Greater Pyrenees was detailed.

But while all of that is great news, the best part is found in the last bullet which confirms that we will be getting a new song soon enough. “Additional song from aforementioned album scheduled for release, summer 2016,” it reads. There may not be specific release date for the new song, or even a real confirmation about the new album, but it’s still the best news we’ve gotten.

Check out the complete report from Procrastinate! Music Traitors below.


Teaser of new Brand New track leaked online


UPDATE: Well, so much for waiting until Friday to release their brand new single. Following Amazon ruining the surprise, Brand New has now released the full version of their new song “I Am a Nightmare.” Listen to the complete track below.

In addition to the full stream, you can now pre-order the 12-inch vinyl single with B-side lyric etching over at Procrastinate! Music Traitors’ website here. The pre-order also comes with a digitally version of the song.

Enjoy, and happy Tuesday.

EARLIER: Brand New may have had plans of surprising their fans with a new song later this week, but it looks like things did not go as planned. On Tuesday (May 17), it was confirmed that Brand New would be releasing a brand new song titled “I Am a Nightmare” on Friday, May 20. Thanks to Amazon, the information was leaked ahead of time as well as a 30-second clip of the song. Currently, the 30-second clip is available on Amazon alongside a pre-order for the track which will be released in full to the general public at the end of the week.

The clip for “I Am a Nightmare” comes months after it was confirmed that Brand New would be releasing a new album some time in 2016. While the band never came forward with the confirmation, their record label, Procrastinate!, did. Back in January, image of an email sent to the label’s email newsletter list made its rounds on the internet. On the image, in the synopsis area, there was confirmation that the group would be one of the label’s acts to be releasing a new album in the new year.

If that was not enough of a confirmation, the fact that Brand New announced a co-headlining summer tour with Modest Mouse may have been the proof fans needed. The complete list of tour dates for that summer tour which will kick off next month, can be seen here.

Last year, Brand New released their long-awaited, stand-alone single “Mene” and followed it up with another song titled “Sealed to Me.” No word on whether any of these songs will be featured on that upcoming new album.

Brand New’s New Album Coming in 2016


With the announcement of a co-headlining tour, it’s only natural to assume that a new album will be making its way to fans of Brand New. Last summer, frontman Jesse Lacey had teased that there was in fact new music on the horizon, but that it wasn’t ready to be released yet. On Friday (Jan. 29), the rumors gave way to actual confirmation.

In an email sent out to those subscribed to their website, Procrastinate! confirmed the release of the new album. Set up like an information report, several new releases are listed in the “synopsis” area. In that area there are several references to Brand New and one specifically about their new album. The first says: “Brand New (band) have released cassette pressing of  9 ‘leaked’ demos from 2006. Available now for purchase.” This is a direct reference to the band’s release from back in December.

The second and third reference are about their recently announced tour dates; the first batch of tour dates in Canada while the second batch of dates are about their upcoming, co-headlining tour with Modest Mouse. Then, under the area labeled “Procrastinate! confirmed record releases for year 2016,” the last item is Brand New’s new record confirmation.

Check out the image of the email here.

Fans of the Long Island band have been eagerly awaiting the new album release for some time. We just hope that they aren’t disappointed if it ends up being another Daisy.

Brand New and Modest Mouse to Head Out on Co-Headlining Tour


Whether Jesse Lacey is forgetting the lyrics to his own songs or crying about the inevitable ending of his band, going to a Brand New show is nothing short of entertaining. On Tuesday (Jan. 26), the group unveiled that they will be hitting the road once again this summer. The Long Island band revealed that they will be hitting the touring circuit for a co-headlining excursion with Modest Mouse. The tour will kick-off on June 28 at Saltair in Magna, UT and wrap up a month or so later on July 31 at the Moda Center in Portland, OR.

Pre-sales tickets for the tour are currently available here. For those who are not able to purchase pre-sale tickets at the moment, don’t fret; general admission sales will begin this Friday, Jan. 29. For now, check out the complete list of tour dates, as well as the official poster for the tour, below.


The tour announcement just adds on to the rumors of Brand New releasing a new record soon. Last year, the rumors hit an all time high when Lacey, during an interview confirmed there was indeed new music, but that it wasn’t ready to be released yet. Then, in December, the band released a collection titled Brand New – Leaked Demos 2006. Sadly, it wasn’t a collection of new songs, just a collection of leaked demos from 2006 (like the title claims). No word yet if 2016 will be the year that the highly anticipated record will hit shelves. We all know fans are excited for a new record that can erase the memory of the lukewarm-received Daisy.

As for Modest Mouse, the Washington state band released their highly anticipated new album Strangers to Ourselves back in 2015 and tour extensively behind the record’s release.

Brand New Officially Release Previously Leaked Demos


It’s been a bumpy year for fans of Brand New. First the band released a brand new song (“Mene”) and even hinted at a new record. Then, during a show, frontman Jesse Lacey spoke to the audience about the future of the band, claiming that “this won’t last much longer, we can’t do this forever.” The only upside from that being that he promised fans the next time they would perform, there would be a new record behind it.

Of course, after all the mixed signals, fans are sitting back, scratching their heads wondering what’s going on. During that time, the band went behind everyone’s back and officially released a set of demos from almost a decade ago. The tracks had been leaked back in 2006, but Brand New never did anything about it. Instead, they decided to wait almost ten years to give fans the official version of the demos.

The collection has been named Brand New – Leaked Demos 2006 and will come in cassette format. The cassette formatting of music has quickly become a popular trend over the last month or so. To purchase the collection, head on over to Procrastinate! Those who pre-order the cassette, will also get a digital download of the non-album. Check out the album cover and track listing  or the release below. If you look close enough at the track list, you may recognize a song that made it onto the band’s 2006 release, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me.


1. “Good Man”
2. “1996”
3. “Brother’s Song”
4. “Missing You”
5. “Nobody Moves”
6. “Luca”
7. “Fork and Knife”
8. “Yeah (Sowing Season)”
9. “Battalions”

Brand New Frontman Hints at Band’s End


Could the Brand New reunion be over just as fast as it began? If we’re going to take what frontman Jesse Lacey said during a recent show seriously, which we might have to because of the emotion behind the speech, then yes, maybe the end for the band is near.

During their final tour of 2015 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on Sunday (Oct. 11), Lacey took to the microphone to give a heartfelt speech to the audience before launching into “Play Crack the Sky.” In the speech, which sources recorded video of, he talks about how it might be the end of the group. But, before jumping to conclusions, it might be good to point out that he says that the group “can’t do this forever,” but nothing in his speech confirms that the band are disbanding after the next record.

“This [is] the last show we’ll play for a while. Things will be different the next time we play. I’ll have a brand new daughter! The next time we play, we’ll have a brand new album for you. This won’t last much longer, we can’t do this forever.”

Before speaking about their inevitable end, Lacey shed a few tears when speaking about his band mates Garrett Tierney, Vincent Accardi, and Brian Lane while also revealing his inner demons of not being enough.

“Being in a room like this is really special. Personally, I don’t feel adequate, or worth it, playing on this stage, but I know that Garrett, and Vinnie, and Brian are absolutely worth it.”

Watch two videos taken from the show below and make your own judgement on the matter.

Brand New Album Definitely in the Works


“Are Brand New really working on a new album? Will it be done by the year’s end? Are they just trolling their dedicated fan base? Come on Jesse, we need answers!”

If any of those questions and comments sounds like something you or a friend has said since early this year when Brand New debuted a couple of never-before-heard songs, then you are definitely part of the fan base waiting, impatiently, for the band’s follow-up to 2009’s Daisy.

For months now, there have been rumors that the band were working on new music to, hopefully, put out soon. Sadly, it seemed to be just that at the time; rumors.

Things changed earlier today when an interview with frontman Jesse Lacey was uploaded online. The interview, which coincides with the band’s show in Spain, was done by Spain-based publication, Rockzone.

In the interview, Lacey was asked the question everyone has been waiting for; is there new music?

Turns out, there is.

Considering the publication is written in Spanish, we attempted to translate the part where Lacey speaks about the “in-the-works” song.

“Yes, I don’t have a problem talking about that with you. You are the first with whom I have had an interview with in a long time. We have a new record to release. There is no secret. The thing is, it’s not ready, so to speak. We’re hoping to release it this year, at least that’s what we’re aiming for. We don’t know if it’s going to be an EP with seven songs or so, or a traditional EP of 14 songs. We have many songs we’ve worked on, but hey, I suppose at times you have to deal with what’s underneath and rest a little, like I told you before. It’s something we have to adapt to. One day, it looks like we’ll be ready to release it and then the next day, it feels like we’re further away from releasing it.”

Kind of reassuring to fans. We suppose.

To read the complete interview which has been posted online in the form of screen shots, that can be seen here.

2015 Austin City Limits Music Festival Line-Up Leaks



Well, the official line-up for this year’s Austin City Limits Festival has been revealed and lets just confirm that the vast majority of the line-up that was leaked on Sunday evening were in fact scheduled to appear at the festival with the exception of the Foo fighters actually performing on both weekends.

Check out the newly confirmed first wave of acts. According to reports, the next waves will come our way in September.

Weekend One: Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Drake, The Weeknd, Disclosure, Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes, Alt-J, The Decemberists, Chance the Rapper, ASAP Rocky, Billy Idol, Run the Jewels, TV on the Radio, Brandon Flowers, Brand New, Father John Misty, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Gary Clark Jr., Royal Blood, Jose Gonzalez, and Daughter, along with deadmau5, Bassnectar, Hozier, and Of Monsters and Men.

Weekend Two: Foo Fighters, Drake, Florence and the Machine, The Weeknd, Disclosure, Tame Impala, Modest Mouse, Alt-J, The Decemberists, Chance the Rapper, ASAP Rocky, Billy Idol, Run the Jewels, TV on the Radio, Brandon Flowers, Brand New, Father John Misty, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Gary Clark Jr., Royal Blood, Jose Gonzalez, and Daughter, along with deadmau5, Bassnectar, Hozier, and Of Monsters and Men.

If Austin City Limits Music Festival was trying to keep their 2015 line-up a secret, then maybe they need to have a little conversation with their website person about letting the secret out of the bag two days before the official announcement was set to happen.

Last night (May 3), the line-up for both weekends of the music festival was leaked online, with the website’s link circulating the interweb. Quickly after the “mistake,” the post was taken down and now an “Oops, we’re not finding the page you’re looking for” message is appearing, but not before people took to the internet to spread the word and of course screen cap the information.

Sucks for them and their surprise, great for the people who were on the fence about going.

Weekend one will feature performances from: the Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Drake, The Weeknd, Disclosure, Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes, Alt-J, The Decemberists, Chance the Rapper, ASAP Rocky, Billy Idol, Run the Jewels, TV on the Radio, Brandon Flowers, Brand New, Father John Misty, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Gary Clark Jr., Royal Blood, Jose Gonzalez, and Daughter, along with deadmau5, Bassnectar, Hozier, and Of Monsters and Men.

Weekend two will have an almost exact line up except with a few changes. Instead of The Strokes, Modest Mouse will take their place and Florence and the Machine were added to the already packed line-up.

Check out the full (leaked) line-up below.



ACL 2015 weekend one will take place during Oct. 2-4 while weekend two will take place during the weekend of Oct. 9-11 at Zilker Park in Austin.