The Killers Release ‘Shot at the Night’ Teaser


The Killers recently revealed that they will be releasing a tenth anniversary greatest hits compilation soon and at the same time debut one of two new songs that will be featured on the compilation.

The song, “Shot at the Night” was produced by M83’s Anthony Gonzalez, the second time that the band and the musician had worked together on some tunes.

While the music video will not be officially released until tomorrow, September 27, the band have gone ahead and released a teaser trailer for it. The music video, or at least the trailer, features a casino cleaner played by Dark Shadow‘s Bella Heathcote while The Social Network’s Max Minghella has some unknown role at the current moment.

The teaser can be seen below.

Direct Hits is set to be released on November 12, while “Shot at he Night” will officially be released as a single on November 4.