New ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer Asks If the Doctor is “A Good Person”


“Clara, tell me, am I a good person?” “I…don’t know.”

For Doctor Who fans, this simple question, the first official vocal interaction between Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) and the newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) might mark a big change between the connection between the Doctor and his companion.

For most of the nu-Who incarnations, the Doctor and his companions have always been buddies and playful, not straight away of course, but there has never been an underlying fear in the relationship, though the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) was rough around the edges.

To see Clara not able to answer the new Doctor’s simple question, it might make fans wonder, just how dark the new protagonist will be for his turn inside the TARDIS. Since the anouncement to cast Capaldi as the titular character, there had been confirmation that helis Doctor would be darker than any of the others. For now, fans of the hit British sci-fi program will have to rely on the trailers and supposed “spoilers” until the series return on August 23 on BBC America.

Check out the new trailer which premiered during what else, the World Cup 2014 finals, feature a host of old friends and villains as well as our world saving pair.

The Doctor Will See You in August


Whovians can now rejoice because the Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald will be coming to a telly near you this August. For what seemed like a century, or a boring, suburaban day for the Doctor, the show has been on hiatus. The last time we saw our favorite Time Lord, he had regenrated into his new persona, the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and was complaining about the color of his kidneys; our dear Clara was too shell-shocked to speak.

Since the official season finale, there have been no new episodes of the series. There were two specials though, the 50th anniversay which brought us three Doctors and Bad Wolf as well as the annual Christmas special where this year, the Sonic Screwdriver was officially handed down from Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith to Capaldi.

After five months, the BBC and BBC America have been nice enough to give fans a 15-second teaser, which is greatly appreciated because behind-the-scene photos just are not cutting it anymore. Check out the teaser.

Doctor Who is slated to return in August, but when exactly, only he (and the BBC) will know.

‘Sherlock’ Might Get One-Off Special Before Season 4

Sherlock season 3 gallery photo -- exclusive image

“Miss me?”

Those were the last word uttered during the season three finale of Sherlock, and to fans of the program (Sherlockians, if you will) the answer was “a definite yes!”

The hit BBC series based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s sleuth and his companion, won’t be seeing a season four for almost two years according to series co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, but it’s beginning to sound like they have something in the works for the meantime.

While appearing on Alan Carr’s Channel 4 talk show, Chatty Man which airs tonight (April 25), John Watson himself Martin Freeman had revealed that Moffat and Gatiss might be working on a one-off episode to tide fans over until season four is released.

“Mark Gatiss may beat me up, but there is an idea for this one-off special that’s such a good idea, and as I was listening to it I thought ‘we’ve just got to do this’. And I don’t know when we are going to be able to do it, unfortunately.”

He added: “It’s a fantastic, really mouth-watering idea. But I really don’t know when we are going to get to do it.”

The long void in new episodes is not uncommon for the series that only releases three, two-hour episodes a year, around Christmas time. Due to Freeman and show star Benedict Cumberbatch’s busy upcoming schedule, the yearly gift has been pushed back to two years which means the one-off special would be a nice way to give back to the eager and hungry fans.

Coldplay to Perform at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend


With Coldplay’s announcement last week that they would be performing six intimate shows in total around the world in support of their upcoming new album, fans of the group are hoping that the six show are not the only ones. This morning, Coldplay fans in the United Kingdom were given good news; they will be performing ta this year’s BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

The free show takes place is Glasgow Green On May 24 and 25 with Coldplay performing that Saturday, the 24th. The news came when the band were at the radio station to perform a few songs including a new one titled “Ocean.”

“We’re very thrilled to be asked, thank you so much… We’re all pleased to be here, I speak for everyone when I say that,” said frontman Chris Martin.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been asked to play Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow this year. Playing in Glasgow is always so much fun and Radio 1 have always been wonderful to us so it couldn’t really be any better!” drummer Will Champion followed up.

Also performing at the annual event will be Pharrell Williams, The 1975, Paolo Nutini and Rita Ora. The weekend will officially begin on Friday, May 23 with Radio 1 personalities, Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Zane Lowe and Danny Howard, hosting a massive party with a line-up of DJs.

But if you are thinking about heading over to Glasgow for the show in an attempt to get into the event, sadly all 50,000 tickets that were available for the show were given out in just 35 minutes. It’s not Lollapalooza speed, but still, that’s something. As of now, the full line-up for the show has not been revealed, but according to source, it should be revealed sometime this month.

For now, listen to the live version of their new song “Ocean” from Ghost Stories. 

‘Doctor Who’ Anniversary Tribute Trailer Surfaces


Late last night , North American time, the BBC announced that a trailer for the 50th anniversary of their hit show Doctor Who would premiere at eight something their time.

The new trailer that was released today on the world is not the same one that fans who attended Comic-Con in San Diego this past Summer got to watch. That trailer, was apparently specially made for that event and to the request of the crew, that trailer has yet to be released onto the internet.

Current show runner, writer and major troll, Steven Moffat answered fans’ questions about the current trailer revealing that none of the footage from the actual special would not be making an appearance in the teaser; much to the displeasure of Whovians. Turns out, it was more of a tribute to all the re-generations throughout the 50 years.

The teaser finally made its debut and like Moffat said, not a single piece of footage from the special made it onto the one minute clip, instead we have a voice over from current Doctor, Matt Smith and images of past Doctors including William Hartnell’s First Doctor and Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor with his famous jelly babies and scarf. Also appearing are companions such as the late Elisabeth Sladen’s Sarah Jane Smith (and their robotic dog, K-9) and current companion, Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald.

Check out the clip below and don’t forget, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor,” will premiere on November 23, 2013 simultaneously in 75 different countries, so get your Sonic Screwdrivers and Jelly Babies ready to defeat the Daleks.

Thirty Seconds to Mars Cover Rihanna


While visiting the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge the other day, Thirty Seconds to Mars gave fans a little surprise when they performed Rihanna’s hit song, “Stay.” To say that fans were intrigued by the cover by the band would be an understatement since almost everyone has had the same reaction to the song; it was freaking amazing.

While you think that the original version by Ri-Ri pulled at your heart-strings, the version featuring frontman Jared Leto taking on Rihanna’s role on vocals while Leto’s brother, Shannon took to the drums and Tomo Miličević took on the keys to round out the beautifully sad song.

The video from the performance can be seen below.

Thirty Seconds to Mars recently released their new album, Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams, back in May. And for those of you wondering, the band did perform another song (their current single, “Do or Die” to be exact), but it doesn’t really look like anyone cared about that one.


BBC to Reveal Twelfth Doctor on Sunday


UPDATE: The Official Doctor Who Twitter has in fact confirmed that the identity of the Twelfth Doctor will in deed be revealed this Sunday on BBC1 at 7 p.m. UK time/2 p.m. EST.

Check out the screen cap of the Twitter account confirming it here.



It was probably the statement heard ’round the world when current star of the long-running BBC show Doctor Who, Matt Smith announced that his last trip in the iconic blue box would be the show’s yearly Christmas special.

Throughout the month since Smith announced his exit, fans have been trying to figure out just who would be filling the role. Some had the idea that it might be a woman, some were hoping for some high profiled actors and others just wanted the Doctor to finally be ginger.

Last week, the official Doctor Who website released snippets of a script that the actors being auditioned had to read, but other than that, there was no other information given. A line in the script has the Doctor asking his current companion, Clara (played by Jenna Coleman) if she was always a certain height.

Today, Bleeding Cool the same people who said the missing episodes from the beginning of the series had been found in Africa, have posted that the BBC might have found their Twelfth Doctor and will be releasing the news via television at 7 p.m. this Sunday night. During a live show being hosted by Zoe Hall, series writer Steven Moffat and current star, Smith will introduce the person who will be putting on the now famous bow-tie or fez for the next couple of seasons.

Until now, casting was supposedly done under the code name Whodini and even those working with the Twelfth Doctor were unaware that they were working on this mission. As of right now, the BBC hasn’t commented on the matter but it does seem that Moffat will make an announcement at midnight.

So now the question is, who is the bloody new Doctor? Anyone have any guesses or suggestions on the matter?

Lost ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes Could Exist in Africa


With all this talk of Matt Smith leaving the Doctor Who franchise, rumors have once again stated to circulate that there are lost episodes from the classic series (pre-2005). This kind of rumor is not new for Whovians since the BBC did wipe out a lot of the old, classic episodes way back when; they thought it was a good idea, those foolish people.

The current new batch of rumors come  courtesy of the website, Bleeding Cool. According to a report publish by the website, they have it on good authority (two really good sources, apparently) that an engineer in Africa “with a taste for science fiction and a habit of taking things for ‘safe keeping'” might actually have copies of the presumed erased episodes.

Apparently, the amount of episodes that said engineer has in his possession might even be able to complete several of the series that Whovians might have never thought could be complete. This new haul could reportedly finish the First Doctor’s collection as well as finish the Second Doctor’s Evil of the Daleks story which there is currently only one episode left of the seven that were originally broadcast.

While no promises are currently being made, Bleeding Cool is saying that these episodes could be coming our way in November, just in time for the 50th anniversary or maybe even sooner. They even went so far as updating just a little while ago that the finger crossing might not be needed since another source has confirmed that those missing tapes are real.

If this massive haul of high hopes end up being nothing more than an April Fool’s joke in June, let’s just say that website should fear the Wrath of Whovian, just saying.