All Time Low Release New Album and Single Name



It appears the someone on Tumblr might have gotten a snippet of “Something’s Gotta Give” a couple of hours before the actual song is scheduled to be released.

Check out the snippet here and tell us what you think of the supposed new song.

All Time Low already confirmed that their album will be set for a March released date and now, the band have unveiled the name of not only the album, but the first single from it.

According to BBC Radio One, the band’s new album will be titled Future Hearts while the first single will be a track titled, “Something’s Gotta Give.” Aside from the that, the station has also unveiled what appears to be the cover art for the forthcoming record.


Frontman Alex Gaskarth and drummer Rian Dawson have also confirmed the name of the lead single in a series of tweets yesterday and that they will be present at the radio station when the new song officially drops tomorrow.

Check out the tweets and the album art posted by BBC Radio One here.

In other news, a video of Gaskarth dressed like french fries doing promotions for a fast food place called Slappy Joe’s has surfaced. Watch and laugh as he complains about feeling like he’s back in “fucking college.”

We’re not quite sure what that means, but Urban Dictionary apparently had a definition for it.


Yeah, we’re still not sure what’s going on either.