“All Rise” for Wovenwar’s First Music Video


With all the drama that came with the trial of former As I lay Dying frontman, Tim Lambesis, it’s great to know that the rest of the members of the band had been able to move on and create something they can be double proud of.

A few months ago, the remaining members of AILD, Jordan Mancino, Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert revealed they had hooked up with Oh Sleeper’s Shane Blay to form a new band called Wovenwar. With that announcement, they also released their official first song, “All Rise” as well as that an album would be coming our way this Summer through Metal Blade Records.

After four months, of just having the audio for the lead single from that upcoming, self-titled debut record, we have now received the official music video for the song.

Check out the music video below.

Wovenwar have not let being a “young” band stop them. The group just finished wrapping up a tour with longtime band, Black Label Society, around the United States a few days ago and are scheduled to head across the pond for their own tour beginning next Friday, August 15.


08/15 Hasselt, BEL @ Pukkelpop

08/16 Hamburg, GER @ ELB Riot

08/17 Herford, GER @ X RockFest

08/21 London, UK @ The Barfly

08/22-24 Leeds & Reading Festivals

Former As I Lay Dying Frontman Sentence


After the circus that has become Tim Lambesis’ trial for hiring a hit man to kill his wife, the former frontman was finally sentenced. Lambesis has been sentence to six years in prison in a San Diego Superior Courtroom for attempting to hire a hit man to kill his wife, Meggan, while he had custody of the couple’s three children. Reportedly, the verdict was handed down while Lambesis’ former bandmates, Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert looked on as well as more than a dozen supporters on Meggan’s behalf who showed up with small yellow felt hearts pinned to their shirts.

Meggan, as well as her parents, spoke to the court. Her father Mike, spoke about what an inspiration his daughter is to people, but how at the same time, the family still fears that there could still be an assassination hit on them, “We know that prison is a great alibi for someone who wants to complete the deed.” Meggan’s mother called out her former son-in-law by saying that her daughter “was a mere inconvenience to this narcissistic child.”

Defense attorney Tom Warwick attempted to ask for leniency, but was quickly declined. When Warwick returned to the floor to speak, he attempted to place the blame on the person who supplied his client with steroids. The judge, once again shot down his claim by pointing out that other men who had used steroids did not end up plotting their wives’ murder and that it was a “flaw of character” and “something twisted inside a character” which would lead to these types of thoughts. 

The final sentence at the end of the day was six years in prison with 48 days credit for custody already served. The judge also confirmed Meggan and the children would receive 10 years’ protection. Meanwhile, Lambesis is due back in court for a civil suit that was filed by Meggan; she is suing the singer for $2 million.

Following the sentencing announcement, Alternative Press released an in-depth interview with Lambesis which is worth a read in our opinion.

Former As I Lay Dying Guitarist Releases Statement About Frontman’s Sentencing


Ever since former As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrest last year for the attempted murder of his wife Meggan, we have been informing you on what has been happening. From his initial arrest and first court hearing, to his sentencing last Friday and his one-on-one interview with Alternative Press’ Ryan J. Downey , which should be read, Lambesis’ trial has been one that the music world has been watching unfold.

But for anyone who felt a sliver of sympathy for the vocalist after reading the in-depth interview he gave before his sentencing, there is one person who does not feel anything for Lambesis and that person used to be one of his bandmates.

Former As I Lay Dying guitarist and current Wovenwar guitarist Nick Hipa has finally spoken out against his bandmate and he’s not at all sympathetic for him saying in his statement that he told Lambesis himself that his support would be with the victim, not the criminal.

Hipa, along with fellow bandmates Jordon Mancino and Phil Sgrosso sat in last Friday at the trial to watch as the verdict was read. The former bandmates sat along Meggan’s family and supporters as Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison.

Read the full statement below.

“Last Friday I sat in a courtroom to support a friend. For the better part of a decade our professional and personal lives were woven in a relationship akin to family. As if family, the intention of my attendance was to publicly acknowledge the deep care and compassion I hold for this individual.

I watched as she searched for the strength to behold her transgressor for the first time in over a year since learning of his plot to have her murdered. I listened to her describe the love she once possessed for this man whom she adored, trusted, and depended on as her husband. I followed along as she detailed his abandonment of her and her children; a betrayal he failed to own but opted to blame on a lost sense of morality. This excuse became further excused by a defense that drug abuse had clouded his judgement. 

She attempted to rebuild a life with three young children apart from a man who viewed them as disposable. The strength and resilience of these children—whom she saved from abandonment, poverty, and certain early death—were being further challenged by this domestic unravelling. Her desire was to give them love and stability, his response was to have her executed.

I observed his defense acknowledge the crime but defend it once again with the argument that steroids created mental instability. I followed as the prosecution reminded the court of an intricately calculated series of actions occurring over the course of many weeks. A scheme which involved using her children to secure gate codes for a would be assassin, and his plans for their further exploitation as an alibi; a plot indicative of careful premeditation over momentary mindlessness. 

I watched as a Judge highlighted how many men use steroids but do not plot to murder innocent women, and for someone to move towards such action reveals something twisted within their character. He continued to point out that a willingness to involve children in such matters is deeply disturbing and reprehensible as well.

The accounts I interpreted within this courtroom were details of people and a past that I had known and observed first hand. All and everything was as I knew it to be.

I share this in response to an interview between Tim Lambesis and Ryan J. Downey that was released on AltPress.com moments after this women and her family were given their closure. Behind the facade of a penitent man with renewed outlook, restored faith, and apparent remorse is a fairly appalling agenda to further damage the lives and reputations of his non-supporters. It is the continued defense of behavior that leveled every facet of an innocent woman’s being and traumatized children who have already persevered through the actual pain of an orphan’s life. 

There is no contrition in his pseudo-philosophical jargon, and the verbalized assessment of his relationship with myself and former bandmates is absolute slander. I had spoken with him directly and in length of how 100% of my heart, love, and loyalty was being directed in support towards his victims. These victims being people I had opened my heart to as family for many years and whom I pray will find healing from his deep abuse. In complete disregard for the truth as I’m certain he understands it, he opted to fabricate motives that describe us abandoning him as a callous business decision. 
The intent of his defamation is to create an air of sympathy and support under the false pretense of a forthcoming tell-all. Unfortunately this has worked to a degree, as many strangers have put effort into projecting hatred towards those of us who chose to defend the guiltless subjects of his crimes. 

It is regrettable that he utilized this platform as a means to justify his conduct. The prosecution of this case profiled him as a sociopathic narcissist in definite need of rehabilitation. For those of us who truly know the man for who he is, it’s shameful that in spite of all he is still as he ever was and just as they say. 

For Jordan, Phil, Josh, and myself, we’ll continue to carry on knowing we behaved honorably, lovingly, and loyally to the individuals who truly needed it.”

“All Rise” for Wovenwar’s Debut Single


After announcing last week that the remaining members of As I Lay Dying would no longer be using the band’s name, but rather would form a new group named Wovenwar, they also confirmed that their first single would be making its debut soon. The band not only features Jordan Mancino, Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert, but also Oh, Sleeper’s Shane Blay on vocals.

Like it has been stated, the band’s debut song has officially been released after revealing the news to eager and intrigued fans. The song, “All Rise” will be featured on the group’s self-titled debut which will be released sometime this Summer through Metal Blade Records. 

The announcement and the song’s debut comes almost three weeks after a long posted was uploaded to As I Lay Dying’s website that gave fans hope that the band would continue under their original moniker. As it was revealed a few hours after the original post, Mancino, Hipa, Sgrosso and Gilbert released a statement reassuring fans that they were not the ones to post the state, but rather it was former frontman, and current jail-bird, Tim Lambesis. 

Wovenwar aren’t letting the past affect their future; they already have a few tour dates under the new band name. 


08/15 Hasselt, BEL @ Pukkelpop
08/16 Hamburg, GER @ ELB Riot
08/17 Herford, GER @ X RockFest
08/21 London, UK @ The Barfly
08/22-24 Leeds & Reading Festivals

As I Lay Dying Members Form New Band


The remaining members of As I Lay Dying, Jordan Mancino, Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert, had revealed last week, that the post that had been released on their official website was not them letting fans know what was to come of the band in the future following frontman Tim Lambesis’ legal issues. 

Before the lengthy message had been posted on the site, the band had released several snippets of music on each of their Instagram page which left fans baffled as to what it meant. Today, it was confirmed that the remaining members would be moving forward to form a new band named, Wovenwar. 

Former lead guitar and singer of Oh, Sleeper Shane Blay has also been confirmed to be part of the band, but in a twist that some might not have seen, Wovenwar have already completed their debut full-length album. The record, which will be their self-titled, will be released through Metal Blade Records sometime during the late Summer. 

The lead single from the album has been revealed to be a track titled “All Rise” and will make its own debut next Monday, April 21. 

As I Lay Dying Band Statement Reportedly a Fake


Earlier today, we had reported that the remaining members of As I Lay Dying had released a statement about the future of the band. The statement which was length and answered some questions about the remaining members’ future was believed to be real, but now, the remaining members have come forward to say, it wasn’t them.

Instead, they believe the original statement had been posted on the band’s official site by none other than former frontman, Tim Lambesis.

The newly released statement on behalf of Nick Hippa, Jordan Mancino, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert can be read below.

Good day friends, This morning an update was posted over at www.asilaydying.com  on the current happenings and individual futures of all the bands’ members. For Jordan, Josh, Nick, Phil, management, and record label, this was an interesting first time read as all parties were oblivious to its construction, intent, and release. Though Tim is the only one with access to the As I Lay Dying site, the rest of us have been releasing content through our personal social media accounts to reveal that we are carrying on in a new band. Our truest intentions were to make this unveiling interesting and exciting for anyone who has supported us over the past year.

With information so instantaneous and disposable these days, we had hoped to show you how things were coming together rather than simply tell you. We never want to capture attention dramatically, which is precisely why we’ve been off the radar for close to a year.

Though the third-person statement released earlier compromises a lot of how we had hoped to unroll things, we remain positive in our outlooks and look forward to sharing new music soon.

With love and gratitude,

Jordan, Josh, Phil, Nick”

Remaining As I Lay Dying Band Members Release Statement

asi laydyin

This past weekend, the remaining members of As I Lay Dying took to Instagram to release snippets of what sounded like new material and somewhat proof that they will be continuing one without former vocalist, Tim Lambesis. 

Today, the band have officially come out on their website with a lengthy statement about the future of the band. As the teaser gained viewers, fans were wondering whether they will continue operation under the “As I Lay Dying” name or if they will change it to show that it is a new band with no relation to Lambesis and what he is on trial for. 

In the statement, they reveal that “AILD is sleeping rather than dead” and that there are currently two projects in the works to help tide fans over. One of the projects that was referred to is one that Lambesis is reportedly working on while the other project features the remaining members of the band.

The full and lengthy (we weren’t kidding about that) statement can be read below:

“There have been a lot of questions from fans over the past year and we’ll hopefully be able to provide more answers over time. However, this update is only to address things related to AILD’s future.

Originally, we said we’d update fans as soon as we knew more. We apologize for not sticking to that. It seemed best to wait until definitive news came in with a specific timeline. However, in light of speculation on other sites, an official update from As I Lay Dying seems to be the best way to clarify some things.

A good starting point is to clarify some things that have often been falsely reported. Tim was not a Christian at the time of his arrest, nor was As I Lay Dying a Christian band in 2013. It hadn’t been for some time and, to the best of my knowledge, only one of the people playing in the band even claimed to be a Christian at that time. The changed view had been written about it in a handful of As I Lay Dying songs and Tim’s later atheistic view had even been documented in court records. However, it doesn’t make as sensational of a headline to refer to the arrest of the “Ex-Christian Metal Sub-Genre Independent Artist” as it does the “Grammy Nominated Top 10 Selling Christian Rockstar” of the past.

With all that said, we don’t know how each musician from the previous era of As I Lay Dying will think about these topics in the future. For example, Tim has spent much of the last year reevaluating what originally convinced him to abandon belief in God. I have gathered that after much brokenness and repentance he sees things differently, considers himself a follower of Jesus, someone submitted to the will of God, or whatever you want to call it. That’s for him to talk about when he’s comfortable and only time will tell if he is sincere. What is certain though is that it’s impossible to face the events of last year without being changed in some way. Let’s let the guys focus on future music and hopefully the headline driven press will leave this issue alone for a while given some clarification.

Uncertainty ahead…
As I Lay Dying was originally founded/owned by Tim and then eventually the ownership was shared with Jordan about six years later. As the only official members, neither would like to move forward at the moment regardless off the upcoming sentencing time (which is still yet to be determined / not 9 years). There has been enough communication to establish some differences in opinion about what to do in the distant future. That keeps AILD’s future in limbo. The hibernating version of the band is just the official band owners, which means As I Lay Dying is Tim & Jordan. This is based on the uncertainty of the future, including who will be performing with the band when/if that time comes. There have been nearly 20 guys who filled the vacant bass or guitar positions in As I Lay Dying history. The current setup is definitely not a closed door on some of the ex-members talking in the future, but it just makes sense for now that AILD is only Tim and Jordan.

Two opinions…
Tim has acknowledged his guilt and clearly made some bad decisions in a period of time where he acted contrary to the person he’s been most of his life. He believes AILD should only pick back up if it’s in a form restored to its roots. For Tim, the potential of pursuing AILD again means working on a lot of other more important things in his personal life first.

On the other hand, Jordan feels differently about the future. Even if more discussions were to take place, he would rather take time to pursue other things. That includes releasing new music with three of the guys from the most recent As I Lay Dying lineup. It’s a chance for Jordan to be more involved in the songwriting process and enjoy other styles he’d rather play. In fact, they’ve already recorded their debut album and I’m sure it’ll be awesome. It’s not meant to replace As I Lay Dying because it is something stylistically different under a different name. Interestingly enough, their vocalist is also a former Christian like his new bandmates and was/is the guitar player for Oh Sleeper (Shane Blay). They’ll have stuff to release through Metal Blade relatively soon, which will be an exciting/interesting combination given the band’s more radio friendly sound.

In terms of music, Tim doesn’t want to pursue performing live music full time regardless of what length his sentence ends up being. His sentence certainly won’t be forever, but even so, touring full time doesn’t seem healthy or practical given his new outlook and goals. Creating new music is the part Tim loves most and he will always continue to release albums. That includes a bunch of stuff he has recorded in the past six months that he will announce a project name for soon as well. As an occasional ear behind the scenes, it is good hear him playing guitar again and writing lots of riffs again like he did across the first five As I Lay Dying releases.

Hopefully that addresses the major questions related to As I Lay Dying. AILD is sleeping rather than dead, and there are two separate projects to hold you over whether or not it is awakened again.”

As I Lay Dying to Resume Without Tim Lambesis

asi laydyin

It’s been almost a year since As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested in an attempt to murder his wife. Since the arrest, the main question that has risen was whether or not the remaining members of the band would call it a day or continue on without the frontman.

The question was finally answered this weekend when the remaining four members of the band, Nick Hippa, Jordan Mancino, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert, took to their individual Instagram pages to upload short video all featuring snippets of music on it. It is wise to assume that this was the answer that fans of the California band have been hoping for; the band will march on without Lambesis.

From the looks and sound of the new clips, bassist/backing vocalist Josh Gilbert as been promoted to lead vocals for the group. Th only issue with the video that have been released is the back and forth of whether or not this “new” group will still be operating under the As I Lay Dying name or if this means they will be going in another direction with a different name and sound.

In Hippa’s clip, there is simple action of ripping off the titles of several As I Lay Dying track meaning that they could be distancing themselves from the band.

But then there’s guitarist Phil Sgrosso’s clip which features a riff that sound very much like something that would be expected from one of their songs.

And then there comes another twist featuring Jordan Mancino whose clip features him playing the drums for a track that sounds nothing like the band’s sound.

So far, the only that can be certain is the fact that Gilbert has been moved up to lead vocals. The confirmation can be found in his clip which features him recording vocals in the recording studio.


No statements has been given on whether or not they will be keeping the name or changing it. All of the band’s social media accounts are still dormant which can mean they are still working out the final details before the big reveal, if there is one.

As I Lay Dying Frontman Pleads Guilty to Hiring a Hit


As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis has officially plead guilty to “Solicitation of Another to Commit Murder. “

Last May, the singer had attempted to hire someone to murder his estranged wife Meggan when he had custody of the pair’s children for a weekend. Lambesis had unknowingly given money, a picture of his wife, gate codes to the home and even the dates when to kill her to an undercover detective, foiling the plan before it even began.

Previously, he had explained that the reasoning behind the murder plot was because Meggan would obtain about sixty percent of his income when the pair officially divorced and would not be able to take his children with him while on tour.

According to Lambgoat’s insider at the courthouse, the sentence which Lambesis had been given, nine years, is not concrete so could change at any given time and four years of parole once he is released. On top of that sentence, he has also been ordered to pay a $10,000 fine and is still in the process of a $2 million civil suit filed by his wife for emotional distress, domestic violence and assault. That case is scheduled to hit San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse in April.

As I Lay Dying Officially Off of Killswitch Engage Tour

asi laydyin

We knew that it was going to happen when the news of singer, Tim Lambesis’ arrest for the conspiracy to murder his ex-wife hit local news.

Almost a week after Lambesis was arrested and serious legal “issues”, As I Lay Dying have officially dropped off of their current tour with Killswitch Engage.

The band released the following statement about their inevitable release from the tour:

“To our fans,

In light of recent events, As I Lay Dying will unfortunately not be taking part in the upcoming tour with Killswitch Engage. Given the circumstances, we feel that it is best for the band to be off the road while the current situation gets sorted. We’d like to thank all of our fans for their ongoing support at this difficult time.

-Jordan, Nick, Phil, and Josh”