Lady Gaga Puts on ‘Artful’ Show at SXSW


We all know Lady Gaga has a few screws loose in her head and for the most part, listeners and Little Monsters love her for her unorthodox take on pop stardom, but during her show last night at South By Southwest, things went beyond that.

The pop star was slated to take the stage to perform as one of the shows of the evening at the Doritos #BoldStage and air exclusively on Fuse.

She began the night by coming on stage strapped to a spit over an active grill. The entire time, she performed her opening song while her leather-clad men spun her on the spit. There was also the matter of her long, blonde dreads continuously dancing on the flames below her.

But that wasn’t the most shocking display of the evening; no that came during her song “Swine.” Gaga brought a woman up to the stag who had been drinking an odd colored beverage from a large bottle. As the song began, the lady got closer to the pop star and eventually began to vomit on her, repeatedly. The woman reportedly did it ten times throughout the song.

Yep. Fame is definitely a monster. A really weird, disgusting, puke-y monster. The NSFW video can be seen below so if can’t stomach it, then please don’t watch it, but we’ll leave it here.

My Chemical Romance Greatest Hits Album Work Revealed


When a website had leaked that My Chemical Romance would be coming out with an album in 2014, fans of the now defunct band started to get excited that it might be an album with new tracks.

It was confirmed that same exact day, that the release of that information was a little preempted, but the truth was, that no new material was on the way for eager fans. Instead, former frontman, Gerard Way had confirmed that the album was just a greatest hits compilation that their record label, Warner Brothers would be putting out.

Way went on to confirm that he would be doing all the artwork for the album and after giving his followers on Twitter a slight glimpse at what would be gracing the cover of the album. The cover features a bust of Way via The Black Parade era, crumbling to the ground in a cemetery with the words “the end” written in white.


As of now, no official title has been given for the greatest hits album, but we have a suspicion that it might be called, May Death Never Stop You, but we do know that the album should be out on January 24, 2014.

98 Degrees Reveal Album Art


98 Degrees have just released the cover art for their upcoming new album, 2.0. The album will be the boy band’s first new set of tracks in ten years.

The album art which can be seen above, features the four members of the group, Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons dressed in sleek suits, a big departure from all the crazy fashions that they used to wear which screamed “90s!”

The album will be dropping soon, just in time for their tour which will also include fellow boy banders New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. “The Package” Tour will start its run on May 28 in Uncasville, Conn., visit 46 cities and then finish in Indianapolis on Aug. 4.

The boys went on hiatus in 2002 after releasing a couple of albums, but then returned to the music limelight last Summer when they participated in the Today Show‘s “Summer Concert Series” where it was announced that they will be heading on their upcoming tour.

2.0 is set to be released on May 7 via Entertainment One.

Fall Out Boy Reveal Album Art

Save Rock and Roll

Last week Fall Out Boy had fans in a frenzy when they revealed that Sir Elton John would be on their new record, and now the band is revealing the cover art for the album on their Tumblr page. They also added a small message for their fans which you can also read below.

“when we were beginning the journey of making this record we wanted to find some inspirational images. we came across the punk and monk image on the Internet and it really solidified what we were trying to get across on the record- the idea of old and new clashing. tradition and change coming together. there was something striking about it. obviously this is an image that means a lot to many people- we felt like we wanted to be part of this conversation. these kids represent the youth, change and irreverence that we hope our record is listened to with. at the end of the day we just want to take the rules and start all over with save rock and roll anyway.

shout out to Roger Stonehouse for capturing the original photo and allowing us to share it with the world “

Save Rock and Roll will be available on April 15 and 16 worldwide, but can be pre-order on the band’s website.