From Autumn to Ashes Frontman Releases Statement About Alleged Sentencing

It’s been couple of weeks since From Autumn to Ashes revealed they were dropping off their own reunion tour due to a “personal emergency.” Soon after, Lambgoat unveiled that the real reason behind FATA’s departure from the tour stemmed from frontman Francis Mark being allegedly “sentenced in Michigan for maintaining a drug house.”

Over the weekend, the band, or more specifically Mark himself, released a statement to fans about the situation. As it turns out, what Lambgoat had reported at the beginning of the month was closely accurate to what had happened. Mark revealed in his brief statement that he was not arrested, but rather he turned himself into the police. Also, the supposed drug house that was being reported by many outlets, including ourselves, was actually a medicinal marijuana facility. Like the first statement the band issued when they revealed they were leaving the tour, Mark promises that he and the rest of From Autumn to Ashes will make it up to their fans as soon as they can.

Mark’s full statement about the incident can be read below.

“I wanted clarify a few things in the press and express my gratitude to the fans who continue to stick by us in these trying times.  I turned myself in and was not arrested. The alleged drug house in question was merely a medicinal marijuana facility. I speak not only for myself but on behalf of From Autumn To Ashes that we will make up the dates as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for the years of support and see you soon.

Francis Mark”

Former AC/DC Drummer Sentence to Home Detention

AC/DC's Phil Rudd

Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been sentenced by the Tauranga District Court (New Zealand) on Thursday, July 9, to eight months of home detention relating to charges of drug possession and threatening to kill.

Rudd, who had been arrested last November after hiring a hitman to murder two people, plead guilty to possession of cannabis and methamphetamine and one charge making a threat to kill. The drummer was originally charged with the drug offenses as well as attempting to “procure a murder.” The procuring a murder charge was dropped and replaced by “making a threat to kill.”

During the trial, Rudd and his lawyers claimed he would lose millions of dollars if he were convicted and not able to tour with AC/DC. Not having any of his excuses, the judge responded that there was no evidence of an offer to return to the band and added: “Queen replaced Freddie Mercury.”

Before going to court, Rudd had been optimist, telling reporters early in the trial that he would be returning to the drum kit for the band’s world tour and other upcoming engagements. Any optimism went out the window when the judge told him that if he violated any of the terms of his home detention, he would be put behind bars.

“I stone cold guarantee that’s where you’ll end up,” said Judge Thomas Ingram. “I’m not your headmaster, I’m not your father. I’m a judge.”

Back in November, the news of Rudd being arrested made headlines worldwide, with the band finding out at the same time as the public. Quickly, the rock icons took to social media to confirm that their world tour would go on, as planned, without Rudd, even though they had no comment about the arrest.

The band quickly asked former drummer Chris Slade to return to the band for their performance at the 2015 Grammy Awards earlier this year. That one performance has now led to Slade returning to the group for their current world tour which will touchdown in North American beginning on Aug. 22 at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA.

AC/DC Drummer Arrested for Murder-for-Hire Plot



It looks like the other members of AC/DC have found out about Rudd’s arrest at the same time the press did. They have now released a short statement about Rudd which can be read below:

“We’ve only become aware of Phil’s arrest as the news was breaking. We have no further comment. Phil’s absence will not affect the release of our new album, Rock of Bust and upcoming tour next year.”

The rock gods have spoken.

AC/DC might be down another member following the news that drummer Phil Rudd has been arrest, but now is free on bail.

Police arrested the sticksman in Tauranga, NZ Thursday morning (Nov. 6) local time, on charges of attempting to “procure” the murders of two people. The alleged hiring of the hitman reportedly took place in late September, according to details released in court.

After being arrested at his home, which was later searched, Rudd has been released on bail after entering a no plea; his next court appearance will be on Nov. 27.

Rudd was ordered by Judge Louis Bidois to have no contact with the man he allegedly tried to hire to carry out the hit. The judge has also decided that it would be in the best interest of everyone else, if he would keep the identity of the victims under lock and key as well as the identity of the person who was hired to perform the hit.

Considering the way the press operates, it won’t be long until those identities as well as the motive behind the murder for hire becomes known.

The procure charge is not the only one the 60-year-old drummer is being charged with. While searching his home, officers discovered methamphetamine and cannabis resulting in the possession charges for both he now faces as well.

Rudd’s arrest and inevitable trial follows the news that founding member, Malcolm Young has left the band due to health concerns following a stroke earlier in the year. Young was officially removed from the line-up about two months ago to be replaced by his nephew Stephen.

AC/DC are set to release their new studio album, Rock or Bust, on Dec. 5 and to reportedly head out on a world tour in 2015. With Rudd’s arrest, there’s not telling what this might mean for that tour.

Scott Weiland Impostor Reportedly in Stone Temple Pilots Cover Band


As if the Scott Weiland impersonator wasn’t good enough to pass for the former Stone Temple Pilot frontman in prison, it turns out he actually played in a Stone Temple Pilots cover band.

Considering his past at portraying Weiland, it might not come as that much of a shocker that he did the same when he was busted last month for shoplifting at a pharmacy and then charged with both shoplifting and being in possession of methamphetamine.

On Facebook, Hurley had written about participating in a Stone Temple Pilots tribute show at the Roxy in Hollywood, though TMZ, who originally broke the news that the real Weiland was not arrested, noted that the band might have not quite existed yet.

Hurley was arrested back in July and last week, the “Celebrity Arrest” made headlines when the Beverly Hill Police Department revealed to TMZ that they had had Weiland in prison for four weeks.

Following the release of the TMZ story, the gossip site received a message from Weiland, himself, straight from the studio where he was working on an album with his new band, The Wildabouts; not from the inside of a jail cell.

In the video post, Weiland sets the record straight by saying that he had just read “something very interesting, a nice piece of fiction from TMZ saying that I was in jail and had been for [four] weeks.”

“I’ve actually been touring, writing and recording my new album. Yeah, this is the studio we’re in right now. So all I have to say to our fans is whether you find it funny or interesting or whether you find it sad, don’t worry, don’t fret, it’s all a lie.”

Hurley’s real identity did not come out until Weiland posted that video, in which the BHPD performed an FBI fingerprint check which revealed his true identity. Why the police did not perform the check after the initial arrest, the world will never know.

Hurley was set to appear in court today, and we are still wondering if arrest records still has him listed as Scott Klein Weiland.

Awful News: Two Men Arrested for Assaulting Woman at Reading and Leeds


What should be one of the most enjoyable weekends across the pond has turned into an awful one for one attendants.

The Guardian is reporting that two people were arrested during yesterday’s installation of Reading and Leeds and not for some petty crime charge like theft or drugs, but for something a lot more serious.

According to British press, a 14-year-old boy from Surrey and a 31-year-old man from London have been arrested on suspicion of raping a young woman and are currently being held by Thames Valley police.

The victim, a 19-year-old woman, reported being attacked Thursday night “in a caravan on the festival trader’s site.” The woman, said she had met the man and the boy earlier in the day near an ice-cream van near a mobile phone charging station in one of the campsite.

But for those attending this year’s event and are a little concerned about things like this being a norm, don’t worry because it appears that the police have things under control, according to Chief Inspector Dave Parker, who spoke directly with The Guardian about this possibly occurring again.

“There is currently a scene watch in place and I would like to reassure those attending the festival that crime levels remain low and crimes of this nature are very rare. Officers are patrolling the site to support on-site security and if anyone has any concerns, please feel free to approach our officers to discuss this.”

On the upside, there have only been 21 (reported) crimes committed since Wednesday; five alleged drug offenses and 13 suspected thefts.

This year’s line up of Reading and Leeds has quite roster with blink-182, Paramore, The Arctic Monkeys, Jimmy Eat World, Queens of the Stone Age, Imagine Dragons, You Me at Six and many (many, many) more.

Jailed Man Claimed to Be Former Stone Temple Pilots’ Frontman


If you ever get arrest and happen to look like celebrity, claiming to be said person might come back to bite you in the rear.

That’s exactly what happened to one guy when he claimed that he was former Stone Temple Pilots’ frontman, Scott Weiland.

Last night, TMZ reported that the Beverly Hill Police Department had had Weiland in their prison since July 26 for possession of meth. The Weiland impostor had allegedly been busted by the BHPD after shoplifting some razors from a Rite Aid and then was busted for the drugs when he was searched. The supposed frontman was then locked up, with bail set at $95,000.

The problem in the story is the fact that Weiland was never arrested. The singer had been in the studio with his new band, The Wildabouts and it took a video from the studio with Weiland present for the police department to confirm the arrested man’s correct identity.

For four weeks, the man had the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department fooled.

In his video post on Facebook, Weiland calls TMZ’s report a “nice piece of fiction” and that the gossip site “will be hearing from my attorney.”

Like they’ve never heard that before.

The issue with Weiland’s threat in the video is the simple fact that the site got the news story, and evidence, from a reliable source; the police department themselves.

When TMZ received (or saw) the video from the real Scott Weiland, the site called up the police department to break the news to them that they did not arrest who they thought they did. That led to the police department to perform a “physical check” which revealed the guy was not who he said he was.

In reality, the man who had been imprisoned for four weeks was 44-year-old Jason Michael Hurley. On top of his previous charges, Hurley will also be charged with giving false information to the officers.

As of today, Hurley is still listed as Scott Klein Weiland in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Inmate Information Center and is due in court on Tuesday, August 26.


See, we told you, bit in the butt.

Miguel Charged with Two Counts of Drunk Driving


Looks like Miguel is in a lot more trouble than knocking some girl out during a performance; the singer has official been charged with D.U.I.

Last month, the “Adorn” singer had been arrested for drunken driving in Los Angeles where he blew .10 and .11; in California, the legal limit is .08.

Today, it was revealed that the singer has been charged with two counts of drunk driving. Initially, he had been stopped by the police for having excessively dark tint on the windows of his 2013 BMW X6. It was during that stop that the authorities suspected that he had been drinking. They gave him the breathalyzer test which only confirmed what had been suspected.

Authorities did say that the singer had been cooperative throughout the entire process, and was released that morning on a $5000 bail.

Miguel’s case is scheduled to go before a judge next Monday, September 9th.



Miguel Arrested for D.U.I.


When you’ve got a song with the titled, “How Many Drinks?” you might have to start to wonder if it came from past experience and for Miguel, it looks like that just happened.

The singer who has become famous for injuring a girl during his leapfrog stunt at the American Music Awards, as much for his music, was arrest early this morning for drunken driving in Los Angeles.

The  singer was pulled over by California Highway Patrol at around 2:15 a.m. when they noticed his BMW speeding. When they pulled him over, officers reportedly smelled alcohol on him and proceeded to fail several  field sobriety tests.

When he was given the breathalyzer tests, the “Adorn” singer blew .10 and .11; in California, the legal limit is .08. Officials said that he was very cooperative the entire time and was later released on $5,000 bail at 5 a.m.

The Grammy winner, who’s full name according to the arrest report is Miguel Pimentel, is currently scheduled to be back in court Sept. 9 in Los Angeles.

Now this would be the part where all the “How Many Drinks?” jokes can start.

Pink Fan Arrested at Australian Concert


Just when you think you could get away with saying whatever you want on Twitter, you can’t and that’s what an Australian teen learned the hard way last night during the concert.

An Australian teenager last night tweeted that he was “bringing his bombs” to the Pink concert on Twitter which led to his arrest as soon as he arrived at the venue in Melbourne to see the “Give Me A Reason” star. The 16-year-old is now being charged with criminal charges for his naiveté.

Staff members at the arena recognized the kid’s face from his profile picture on Twitter and were fast to alert officials about his presence. The tweet that he had written was tagged with the official Rod Laver Arena hashtag and read: “@Pink I’m ready with my Bomb. Time to blowup #RodLaverArena Bitch.” If you’re looking around to see it, you’re out of luck; the tweet has long been deleted.

After being released from custody, the teenager spoke to local media where he revealed that the tweet was not intended as a bomb threat; it was just making reference to Pink’s song, “Timebomb.” “It was meant to be about drop the effects, the music, everything – just drop it all,” he explained.

But he wasn’t the only one to speak out on the matter. Trying to get her 15 minutes of fame as well, the boy’s sister came to his defense saying that he traveled all the way from his hometown of Warrnambool to attend the show only to end up missing it while he was held in custody, waiting for his parents to arrive.

“We don’t think it should be going to court because of the way they handled him. They pulled him, they threw him on the ground and locked him up,” she describes.

“We had to go there at midnight to sort it out and we thought we had to bail him, we thought he’d been killed, we didn’t know what to think,” she continues to explain the ordeal. “It was freezing cold, and he didn’t mean it like that. He wrote it as in one of her songs is called Timebomb and he forgot to put the Time on there. We are a decent family and we don’t have bombs and stuff like that. We’re not terrorists and we don’t want people to think that.”

So far, Pink has yet to comment on the matter.

Woman Arrested for Assaulting Boyfriend Over Macklemore Song


This might be one of the craziest stories of the day.

A woman in Colorado was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend who would not stop singing Macklemore’s hit song, “Thrift Shop.” The woman, Samantha Malson, reportedly tried to choke her boyfriend, Lars Hansen, to death after he sang the song 25 times in a row.

Following the incident which occurred this past Saturday, the couple were visited by the police after they received a domestic dispute report. The 23-year-old Malson admitted to the crime telling officers that she and Henson were both drunk at the time. She was then charged with harassment, domestic violence and assault.

The Smoking Gun was able to obtain some extracts from the police report which said the following, “Malson said that she asked Hansen ’25 times’ to stop singing. Malson said, ‘He just annoyed me’ and ‘I pushed him’. Malson demonstrated this (without me asking or prompting) by shoving her fingertips into the air repeatedly. She said she pushed him a couple of times and, ‘I grabbed him around the throat,’ showing me her left hand in a choking type hold. Malson then said, ‘I did it for intimidation’.”

Guess Henson won’t be “wearing your grandfather hand-me downs” anytime soon.