Armor For Sleep Officially Announce ‘What To Do When You Are Dead’ Tenth Anniversary Tour

After several days of teasing and trolling fans, Armor For Sleep have now revealed the big news they have been keeping in secret this entire time; they’ll be heading out on tour.

Like many fans had predicted and began to speculate, the group will be heading out on the “What To Do When You Are Dead Tenth Anniversary Tour.” The tour will begin in September and not wrap up, supposedly, until December. Funny enough, the album actually turned ten earlier this year in February.

AFS frontman Ben Jorgensen issued a statement of his own on behalf of the band officially announcing the tour and that tickets will go on sale beginning this Friday, July 24.

Read the full message after the poster for the tour.


“We are excited to announce that we will be playing a select number of shows to celebrate the ten year anniversary of “what to do when you are dead”. The fact that so many of you have been listening over the years has meant (and still means) a lot to us, and this is our way of saying thank you for all the kind words and cool stories that you’ve shared with us over the years. This is gonna be fun. Below is a list of all the shows with ticket links. The ticket links go live this Friday the 24th… Hope to see you all at the shows…keep it real. Check for all future updates

Sep 18 2015 – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
Onsale Friday July 24 @ 12pm EST 

Sep 19 2015 – The Trocadero Theatre – Philadelphia, PA
Onsale Friday July 24 @ 12pm EST 

Oct 08 2015 – The Crofoot – Pontiac, MI
Onsale Friday July 24 @ 10am EST 

Oct 09 2015 – Metro – Chicago, IL
Onsale Friday July 24 @ 12pm CST 

Dec 11 2015 – Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
Onsale Friday July 24 @ 10am PST 

Dec 12 2015 – The Glass House – Pomona, CA
Onsale Friday July 24 @ 10am PST 

Dec 13 2015 – The Roxy Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
Onsale Friday July 24 @ 10am PST 

Dec 19 2015 – The Sinclair – Boston, MA
Onsale Friday July 24 @ 12pm EST”

As Jorgensen wrote, there are only a selected number of tour stops for the tenth anniversary trek. Sadly, those of us who do not live on the Northeastern coast or on the west coast will not get the opportunity to see the New Jersey band perform tracks like “Remember to Feel Real” and “Stay on the Ground” live.

There is one shining glitter of hope though, Jorgensen did write to keep an eye on their Facebook page for all “future updates,” so maybe there’s more information that they aren’t telling their fans. Or maybe we’re hoping a little too much.

No matter, they had us all believing this tour would not happen and here it is, no matter how short it is.

Armor For Sleep Continue Their Cryptic Teasing

The Armor for Sleep guessing game has now gone into day two.

Being as cryptic as they were yesterday, and maybe a little more, an image was uploaded onto Armor for Sleep’s Facebook page with a simple caption reading, “More info soon.”

The image, which can be seen below, features the same exact figure from the cover of What to Do When You Are Dead, but with a twist. 

Unlike the image that graces the cover of the band’s 2005 release, this image solely features the body of the figure floating in pure darkness. The body, on the other hand, counters the black background with a galactic pattern within the outline of the body.

What has jump started the hearts of many AFS fans is probably the writing on the image. Above the figure, we see the band’s name in white, but below it, in green, we see “2015.”

Now, 2015 is more than halfway over, so we’re going to hope that the band will in fact have more information for those of us waiting, patiently, really soon.


Anybody want to take a guess as to what all this means? We’d put our money on a What to Do When You Are Dead tenth anniversary tour, but most of the times, we’re wrong.

Armor for Sleep Wants Fans to ‘Please Stand By’

Are Armor for Sleep coming out of hibernation?

Today, a suspicious picture was posted on the New Jersey band’s Facebook page, a page that has been inactive for months. The last thing to be posted prior to this was an image of their breakout record, What to Do When You Are Dead, and a message reminding fans that the record, which gave us songs like “Car Underwater” and “The Truth About Heaven,” had turned ten.

Now, fans of the band are not sure what’s going on after an image asking us to “please stand by” was uploaded, especially after such a long period of inactivity. Check out the post below.

Armor for Sleep called it a day back in 2009. Frontman Ben Jorgensen had released a statement revealing that the inevitable had happened to them; the band was disbanding. Since they had no new music in the works nor were there any tours in their future, they decided it was best to put the band to rest.

After the announcement, the band went quiet only to reunite at the 2012 Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey. Fans hoping that this would lead to a full reunion were quickly given the bad news that Bamboozle was just them, getting up on stage to “say goodbye properly to the people out there who never got the opportunity to see them [us] one last time.”

They ended the 2012 statement by saying that it was “for good this time- we promise,” but could this new cryptic message be them undoing what they had said three years? Who knows, we’re just hoping deep down inside that it means, maybe, there’s a “What to Do When You Are Dead Tenth Anniversary Tour” in the works because you know, it’s become the latest trend to do ten year anniversary tours.