Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan Team Up Once Again


Anthony Bourdain has had lots of rock stars on his show, but one in particular is coming back once again to join the foodie. Josh Homme is back once again with fellow bandmate, Mark Lanegan to record the theme song for Bourdain’s new and widely announced CNN show, Parts Unknown.

Bourdain said in a statement recently about the theme song, “When you hear the new title music for Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown your head will explode, leaving only a smoking stump. When we heard what (Homme and Lanegan) had come up with, there was weeping and jaw-droppage.”

The first episode of Parts Unknown aired on CNN Sunday night, but can be seen here where, coincidentally, you can hear the song in all its glory, just remember to fast forward to the :50 mark.

Episode one takes place in Myanmar and the description reads, “a human-powered Ferris wheel, a punk rock group and the scariest train ride ever. If you missed Anthony Bourdain in Myanmar.”