Blondie to Head Out on 40th Anniverary Tour

Blondie m

Debbie Harry is by far one of the most iconic signers in the world leading the way for acts with frontwomen instead of men. In honor of the band’s 40th anniversary, they have announced that they will be heading out on tour. For now, most of the tour dates are for international stops and only four stops in the United States, but one could only hope that more U.S. stops might be in the future.

Also coming to fans for the anniversary, a special double-disc package entitled, Blondie 4(0) Ever, on May 13. Check out the full list of tour dates below.

U.S. Dates:
05/24/14 Atlantic City, NJ @ Tropicana Casino & Resort
05/25/14 Bethlehem, PA @ Sands Bethlehem Event Center
05/28/14 New York, NY @ 92Y (Debbie Harry & Chris Stein in Conversation with Anthony DeCurtis)
10/03/14 Valley Center, CA @ Harrah’s Rincon

International Dates:
06/10/14 Stockholm, Sweden @ Cirkus
06/12/14 Bergen, Norway @ Bergenfest Festival
06/14/14 Esbjerg, Denmark @ Esbjerg Rock Festival
06/18/14 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
06/19/14 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg @ Rockhal
06/21/14 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain @ Azkena Rock Festival
06/23/14 Berlin, Germany @ Tempodrom
06/24/14 Hamburg, Germany @ Große Freiheit
06/25/14 Cologne, Germany @ E-Werk
06/27/14 Pilton, England @ Glastonbury Festival
06/29/14 Sheffield, England @ O2 Academy Sheffield
07/01/14 London, England @ Virgin
07/03/14 Barcelona, Spain @ Pedralbes Gardens
07/04/14 Herouville St-Clair, Normandy @ Chateau De Beauregard
07/07/14 Argelès-sur-Mer, France @ Les Deferlantes
07/10/14 Ottawa, Ontario @ Ottawa Bluesfest
07/11/14 Quebec City, Quebec @ Festival d’Ete International de Quebec
07/18/14 Pemberton, British Columbia @ Pemberton Music Festival
08/16/14 Chelmsford, England @ V Festival
08/17/14 Stafford, England @ V Festival
08/22/14 Paris, France @ Roc En Seine
08/31/14 Namur, Belgium @ La Fête des Solidarités

First Sneak Peek at Upcoming ‘Peanuts’ Film


Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the Peanuts song playing in your hear because today, the first trailer for FOX Family Entertainment’s upcoming Peanuts film was just released.

Though the trailer just features everybody’s favorite sad little boy, Charlie Brown and his mischievous and super cool Beagle, Snoopy, the less than a minute clip is something to get life long fans excited about it.

The film, of course, is based on the iconic comic strip from Charles Schulz and marks the first time the strip has been given the CGI treatment. This won’t be the first time though that Charlie Brown and his friend have taken to the screen because some of the most iconic and traditional holiday special come courtesy of the Peanuts gang.

Peanuts is scheduled to hit theater on November 6, 2015, coincidentally 2015 will also mark the 65th anniversary of the comic strip’s launch and the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Time to do the Snoopy dance.

Atreyu to Reunited for ‘The Curse’ Ten Year Anniversary?


Could an Atreyu reunion be on the horizon?

Things are beginning to look that way after a picture featuring the members of the band was uploaded to their Facebook page, yesterday. There was no caption for the picture, just the image of the line-up at what looks like a restaurant, hanging out.

Coincidentally, this year will mark the tenth anniversary of Atreyu’s hit album, 2004’s The Curse which is probably a staple for anyone who was a teenager in that time frame (we were).

This year will also mark almost three years since they decided to go on a hiatus, so of course fans of the hard rock band would be starting to look for connections between the picture post and the anniversary of the album.

The new post also comes as further evidence that the band had been working on something because their previous post was dated May 11, 2013 in which they asked fans to repost a message “if you want Atreyu to write a new song for your ears to bleed to.”

But sadly, at the current moment there has been no confirmation or denial on whether a ten-year anniversary tour will be in the works or if they had taken to the studio during the last three years to put out a surprise album sometime this year. Time will only tell and we are hoping that we will be able to see them perform “Right Side of the Bed” or “Ex’s and Oh’s,” soon.


Green Day Performs ‘Dookie’ in Full

2012 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Green Day has been one of the pioneers of bringing the sound of pop-punk to the forefront of mainstream. The album that helped catapult them into that limelight of top 100 tracks and mainstream award shows could easily have been 1994’s Dookie.

Dookie which gave fans a laundry list of hit singles such as “When I Come Around,” “Basketcase,” “Welcome to Paradise” and personal favorite, “Longview” became one of Green Day’s biggest hit album with the exception of 2004’s American Idiot.

During their show in the UK at the Brixton Academy, the band did something that is not very common and has probably never happened before; they went ahead and performed Dookie in its entirety.

At the beginning of the video, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong reminds or informs fans, that the album will be celebrating twenty years since its released which would happen in February of next year (February 1, 2014 to be exact).

While the video might be shaky and not exactly high quality, it doesn’t take away the fact that Armstrong along with guitarist Mike Dirnt, drummer Tré Cool and backing vocals/guitarist Jason White, still know how to bring that album to life and remind everyone why it helped make them who they are today in the music world.

Watch the full half an hour show below:

Since there have been a lot of anniversary tour happening lately, do you think Green Day will go ahead and do a Dookie 20th Anniversary tour? If so, who’s down for going?

Something Corporate’s ‘North’ to Become Vinyl


For those that have been suffering from a Something Corporate withdrawal since their reunion tour back in 2010, be in pain no longer, because news has surface that the band’s hit 2003 full-length album, North might be coming to store near you in vinyl form.

Enjoy the Rite Records teased the news over Instagram earlier today by writing, “as promised….it’s coming #north #10thanniversary.” But that wasn’t all the hints that were being given to hardcore and casual fans of the album which turns ten later this year. Label head, Ross Shotland hinted that there might be an October release date (the official ten-year anniversary) and that only 3,000 pressing will be available for purchase.

Shotland also revealed that there will only by three retailers that will be selling the vinyls: ETR, the band themselves and Hot Topic.  Modern Vinyls reports that the record “will be a single LP, housed in a gatefold jacket.”

While this might end up being 100% true, there is always that slight chance that information might change along the way, so for now, take this piece of information with a grain of salt and hope that everything goes as planned.

For those that might have not known, ETR also released the vinyl edition of the band’s other album, Leaving Through The Window, which no surprise is available at Hot Topic.

Nirvana Trailer Surfaces


Ever think you’d see the day when a trailer for Nirvana would surface online? Well, it looks like the trailer for the band’s third album, In Utero, has been found and as usual made its way onto the internet.

The promo features the members, Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, all pregnant and wearing dresses while comedian, Bob “Bobcat” Goldthwait screams “push!” at them while they lie on the floor, breathing heavily, before babies come shooting out from Cobain’s dress.

But if you think this is just someone who found this little piece of gold is just being a good fan and spreading the creepiness then you’d be wrong. this trailer was recently released as a way to start promoting the 20th anniversary of the album which will be heading our way pretty soon; September 13 to be exact.

Until then, you can check out the video right here:

Patrick Stump Write Blog About Tenth Anniversary of ‘Take This to Your Grave’

Patrick Stump

In what may seem like yesterday to the kids that grew up in the early 2000’s, Fall Out Boy’s hit album, Take This to Your Grave, celebrated its tenth years anniversary. In honor of the anniversary, Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump released a blog where he reflects on the past ten years which includes inspirations for songs that made it on the album and just reflecting on their journey to become a band.

“Ten years ago today, my band released our debut album Take This To Your Grave. We were just four unsuspecting Midwestern nerds named after a moderately obscure Simpsons character, living life like the background characters in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. We were totally unprepared for everything that followed.

Up to that point in the band’s history, we were merely something to do before we were forced to give in to the pressures of real life. We saw ourselves as a pretty cool excuse for a semester off of college. My accountant mother was also the ex-wife of a musician (my dad in point of fact). She knew empirically the odds weren’t in our favor and wisely advised me to consider planning on getting a real job. Instead of taking her advice, I went ahead and recorded an album.

Take This To Your Grave began as a demo…a supremely lucky long shot lightning strike of a demo. The band was a fractured and seemingly futureless mess at the time; No drummer, having also freshly lost our most recent of many revolving door rhythm guitarists. We had all entertained the thought that our collective candle for our little pop-punk odyssey was about to flicker out when the great Sean O’keefe offered to record us. We discussed a three song demo to be recorded at the legendary Smart Studios in Madison Wisconsin. We thought “What the hell? Why not?” We didn’t even have three new songs to record, but who doesn’t love a hearty bluff?

I remember writing “Homesick at Spacecamp,” on the plane home from visiting family only days before the session.

We’d asked our friend Andy Hurley to play drums on it. He said yes…granted he could make it to Madison in time after tracking an entire album earlier that day for another band in Chicago. I actually checked drums with Sean, under the assumption that I’d have to play them. We were literally about to start my first take of “Dead On Arrival,” when in walked Andy.

I guess in a lot of ways, in walked the actual beginning of Fall Out Boy as well; From that point onward, Joe, Andy, Pete, and I were a proper band. The three songs we recorded in what felt like two days (“Dead on Arrival,” “Homesick at Spacecamp,” and “Saturday,”) would go on to become three of our most enduring, and certainly the first time any of us heard ourselves in speakers and went “Huh! We definitely don’t suck!”

It laid the groundwork for many “Huh! We don’t suck!” Moments to follow on our four subsequent albums.

So here we are, ten years, two gold and two platinum albums, three MTV VMAs, a couple Kerrang awards, and a Grammy nomination later. Hell, we just had our second Billboard number one album a couple weeks ago! I guess I can say this now: Mom, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m getting a real job.

Thanks to everybody who’s supported us over the years. It continues to be a crazy ride.

Love, Patrick”

R.E.M Reissuing ‘Green’ for 25th Anniversary


R.E.M’s sixth studio album, Green, will be getting the reissue treatment for its 25th anniversary. The new issue will feature two discs as well as a remastered version of the original album, a live disc selected from a November 10th, 1989 show in Greensboro, North Carolina and last but not least, the penultimate concert of the band’s massive 130-date Green World Tour.

Green: 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will be released on May 14 through Rhino Records both digitally and on CD.

Rhino Records also said that they will be releasing a limited-edition EP called Live in Greensboro which includes tracks that did not make it onto the reissue.  That album could be found at selected record stores on Record Store Day on April 20 which will include an original R.E.M. patch from the Green Tour that was recently found inside the band’s vault