Watch Furry Friend Cover ‘Frozen’

Frozen 2 in the Works

We’re pretty sure that we’ve seen every single rendition of Frozen’s “Let it Go” imaginable, you know parents with their kids, dudes with guitars, aliens, and so many more that YouTube should just dedicated a complete category to probably 2014’s biggest song.

But how about this for a twist? A dog that howls along to the song?

Over the weekend, a one and a half minute clip was uploaded to YouTube of just that. The video features an Australian Shepherd names Oakley as he howls along to the song. But, before anyone can think that it’s a set up, pay attention as at first Oakley doesn’t pay attention to the song on the radio; Charli XCX’s Fault in Our Stars track, “Boom Clap.”

As soon as Oakley’s human parents put “Let it Go” on, the dog’s expression changes as he becomes interested in the song and just like a four-year-old who is obsessed with the Disney film, Oakley starts to howl along to the song.

And if “Let it Go” is on your last nerve, like most of us, just watch the cute puppy get in touch with his inner Queen Elsa (or Adele Dazeem).

Skunk Battles Its Way to the Front of Paramore Show


We know that Paramore has a big fan base, but did you know that also included woodland creatures?

Well, that became apparent during the band’s stop in Cincinnati, OH for their co-headlining MONUMENTOUR with Fall Out Boy. Things were going great until frontwoman, Hayley Williams noticed there was huge commotion going on in the crowd down in front during their song, “The Only Exception.”

Word got to the singer that a skunk had found its way into the crowd. After finding out what was causing the ruckus, she made a comment about the matter.

“Apparently, it’s just a skunk down there, spraying you with its love and generosity,” she said. 

“That’s never happened before!” she added. 

Seems that the skunk was fighting its way to the front of the crowd. Got to given the smelly, black and white creature some cool point and kudos for getting to the front of the crowd, something that we’re sure even some concert veterans still have trouble with. 

Kudos, Pepe LePew.