Watch Angels and Airwaves’ “The Wolfpack”


Angels and Airwaves promised fans yesterday afternoon they would be releasing their new music video at midnight, and that’s a promise that they kept.

The band took to Instagram to post a picture from the set of lead single “The Wolfpack” last week and promised the video would released soon. Considering the song was released on Halloween, that was pretty quick.

In the clip we are introduced to who we can only assume to be Poet Anderson, the character that will play a key role in all of Angels and Airwaves’ new artistic ventures.

Poet )if we can call him that) seems to not be able to can’t catch a break as he ends up reliving the same night over and over again.

Check out the music video for “The Wolfpack” below.

Angels and Airwaves have finally given fans an official release date for their upcoming new album after rumors had some hoping the release date would be Halloween. As we saw, the only thing we got on Halloween was “The Wolfpack.”

The Dream Walker will be released on Dec. 9.

Like many fans pointed out, it appears the band are down to just two members, though we kind of already knew that when the band’s Facebook page only listed Tom DeLonge and Ilan Rubin as members last month. Earlier in the year, DeLonge had revealed David Kennedy and former Thrice bassist, Ed Breckenridge had been added to the group, but so far, they have been nowhere to be seen.

DeLonge answered fan speculation during an interview with Rocksound where he said:

“So there’s no real story there, and David [Kennedy, guitar] is still here. Everyone’s running around going, ‘What’s going on with David?’ It’s just when it came to writing the record, Ilan and I did that together. Eddie Breckenridge -the bass player from Thrice- is still here too. I think people are just confused.”

We won’t lie Tom, we are.

Angels and Airwaves Unleash “The Wolfpack”


Angels and Airwaves promised fans a few weeks ago that they would be releasing something big on Halloween, and now the time has come.

The big news the band had been hinting towards was the decision to co-premiere their new single, “The Wolf Pack” alongside many of our favorite music publications which include: PureVolume, BuzzNet, Alter the Press, AbsolutePunk, and others.

“‘The Wolf Pack’ is the first single from our upcoming album, The Dream Walker, which is part of a bigger trans-media project called Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker,” said AVA frontman Tom DeLonge.

“The song is a bit of a journey in and out of the many teeth of the music business; an industry that can be a sexy girl on one hand, but a vicious ax murderer on the other.”

But while the projects will all intersect each other, DeLonge does tell fans that each piece of the trans-media project will be able to stand on its own.

Check out the audio of the new track here.

While many fans of Angels and Airwaves were led to believe The Dream Walker would be released today, even we assumed it would be released today, the album will actually be released in December.

Blink-182 Aiming for Summer 2015 Release for New Album


Blink-182 fans don’t need to worry that the new album Mark Hoppus promised us might not be happening as soon as we were led to believe. Doubts might have begun to be raised when frontman, Tom DeLonge announced his side project, Angels and Airwaves, would be releasing a new album by the end of the year.

Those doubts were put to rest during an interview DeLonge had with music site, Wondering Sound with several questions being answered including when they will beginning writing for the new record,

“We actually have our very first big writing session coming here in the next few weeks where we’ll get together and lay down our first tracks,” DeLonge told Wondering Sound.

As for the project time frame for the new album’s release date, DeLonge said, “I am hoping that we can get this thing out by summer, but we will see.”

We could only hope because typically tours come The “we’ll see” might raise some concerns, but a Summer release would work in their favor because new album typically mean that the band will head out on some sort of tour to promote it (fingers crossed).

In the same interview, DeLonge was asked about Angels and Airwaves’ new record, The Dream Walker. The album which reportedly was set to for a Halloween released date was misreported and corrected by DeLonge who revealed the actual album is set to be released in December, not October.

But that’s not saying that he doesn’t have something up his sleeve planned for Halloween. Once again, the frontman dropped hints about something “big” coming on Halloween for Angels and Airwaves, both the band and the company behind the band.

“This is a huge release for me. We’ve been recording it for two years and Halloween is gonna be a big day, that’s all I can say.”

If that doesn’t say cryptic we don’t know what does. Guess all we can really do is sit back and wait for the spooky holiday to come while we listen to “Paralyzed” on repeat.

Angels and Airwaves Return with “Paralyzed”


After months of cryptic messages to fans and a website re-do, Angels and Airwaves are back.

Unlike what was previously reported and then debunked by AVA frontman, Tom DeLonge, the band’s new album will officially be titled The Dream Walker. The album will be released sometime in December, though originally it was rumored it would have a Halloween release date and up to a little while ago, we were under the same impression.

The first single off of the album, “Paralyzed” can be heard below and heads in a completely different direction than the previous AVA albums, though we are not complaining.

DeLonge credits Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin with helping him take in the band in that different direction.

“I was able to come in with Ilan and say, ‘OK, how do we do something that is a left turn from what people know of Angels and Airwaves.”

We guess his goal was achieved because the song sounds a lot harder than other AVA tracks.

“I think we needed something that would turn heads and ignite a fan base of post-hardcore punk-rock kids that might still be lingering there from my early years” DeLonge said about the new album in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The Dream Walker is the band’s first new album since 2011’s LOVE II and don’t think that it all ends with a new record. According to DeLonge, other things will be coming from To The Stars including music videos, animations, comic books, a novel, a feature film, and a multimedia project name Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.

Sadly, it appears as if DeLonge and Rubin are the only members in the band. According to an updated members list on their official Facebook page, DeLonge and Rubin’s names are the only ones there.

Angels and Airwaves Announce ‘Poet’


UPDATE: AVA’s new album will NOT be called POET. The band have announced the titled will be unveiled closer to the album’s release date which will be around Halloween.

Tom DeLonge might have confirmed earlier this week that blink-182 would be coming out with new material, but that doesn’t mean that his other band, Angels and Airwaves will be put on the back burner in the anytime soon.

The frontman has announced that AVA’s newest album will in fact be titled, Poet. This confirmation comes on the heels of speculation that the album would be called that for the past few years.

DeLonge took to the official AVA Instagram page to post a picture from the studio in which the caption of it reads, “Late night studio work recording voice overs for #poet #angelsandairwaves #tothestarsin.”

While AVA’s new album has a title, no other information has been given about it. Considering the recent picture comes straight from the studio, it might be sometime until we get further information about it. What else we do know is that they wrapped filming the music video for their first single and that the album will reportedly be released this Halloween.