Watch the New ‘All is By My Side’ Trailer


After much waiting, the new trailer for the Jimi Hendrix bio-pic, All is By My Side, has been released. The new trailer features Hendrix, played by Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) making his debut as an unknown guitarist in the London music scene, how he wanted his music portrayed, and his relationship with Imogen Poots’ Linda Keith, who was Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards’ longtime girlfriend and the muse behind several of both Hendrix and Richards’ songs.

The film has already premiered at several film festivals including the Toronto Film Festival and South By Southwest, but the release date for the film has been recently pushed back until September 26.

The film was helmed by Academy Award-winning writer-director John Ridley of 12 Years a Slave fame, and chronicles Hendrix’s life between the years of 1966 and 1967. It shows how he rose from being a backup guitarist at NY’s Cheetah Club to his upcoming fame in the London music scene, and climaxing with his iconic set at the Monterey Pop Festival

Watch Outkast’s Return Set at Coachella


Coachella is still going and if haven’t already tuned in sometime this weekend to see weekend one of the annual music festival, you might be missing out on some great performers including The Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Foster the People, Muse, Beck, HAIM, The Replacements and many more. 

One of the most anticipated performances of the weekend took place on Friday; the return of Outkast. After being on hiatus for the past decade, the duo revealed that they would be performing at every single music festival known to mankind this Summer beginning with Coachella. Though there was nothing but mixed reactions about the performance, they did not skip on guests including Janelle Monae, Sleepy Brown and rapper Future. 

Andre 3000 did reveal that Prince was backstage, but sadly, the purple one did not join them on stage. 

Watch their full set which includes tracks from 1998’s Aquemini, 2000’s Stankonia and 2003’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below


Watch Andre 3000 Get in Touch with His Jimi Hendrix


When Andre 3000 (Andre Benjamin) had been chosen to play Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming bio-pics, some were wondering if the OutKast member would be able to take on the role of the iconic musician even though he has had several film credits to his name.

Today, the first official trailer for All is By My Side was released ahead of its South by Southwest premiere. The clip features Benjamin’s Hendrix flirting with Imogen Potts’ Linda Keith who was Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ longtime girlfriend. Keith would go on to influence many songs for both Hendrix and Richards.

All is By My Side was written and directed by now Academy Award winner John Ridley and already premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film has already been released in the United Kingdom, but as of now, there is no word on when it will be released in the United States.

Outkast Returning with a Bang


Outkast might have taken a break for a longtime, but now it looks like the duo are coming back with a fiery passion.

It’s been a little under a week since it was announced that the “Way You Move” crooners would be headlining the annual Coachella Festival in California and now, they have announced that they will be heading out on tour, but this isn’t just a normal tour; sources have confirmed that they will be performing at over 40 festivals, worldwide.

Yep, we almost couldn’t believe that when we first read it, but alas, it’s true.

“It’s truly an honor to celebrate 20 years and still be free to do music the way we choose,” said Big Boi. “Don’t just think outside the box, know that there is no box. I’m looking forward to rocking the stage with my Bro Ski and to all the fans — stank you smelly much, this is for y’all!”

“And imagine, all we wanted to do was rap. I am thankful to have been a part of a group that allowed me to explore anything that came to mind and have fun doing it. Returning to the stage together is the most exciting way for us to thank everyone for their 20 years of supporting Outkast,” Andre 3000 added.

They’re show at Coachella in April will mark the 20th anniversary of their debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. As for those “over 40” festivals, Coachella is the only one that has been confirmed at the moment, but we’re sure those events will be announced soon.

Even though Big Boi and Andre 3000 took a break from their group doesn’t mean that they shafted the music world during their time off. Big Boi went on to release two solo albums while Andre 3000 did launch a clothing line as well as worked on Beyonce’s contribution to The Great Gatsby Soundtrack (that cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black) and will star as Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming bio-pic.

Capital Cities Unveil New Song


“Safe and Sound” has been a massive hit for the L.A. duo, but now they are back with a brand new song titled, “Farrah Fawcett Hair.”

The track features Outkast’s André 3000, soul vocalist Shemika Secrest, NPR voice personality Frank Tavares and Capital Cities fans. But just when you think that was enough, believe me, there’s more including some catchy hooks which we all need now-a-days, a hell of a buzzy baseline and you can’t forget those pop culture references such as National Public Radio, Back to the Future 2, Daniel Day Lewis, Sunsets and more.

Capital Cities’ debut album, In a Tidal Wave of Mystery, just finished getting released today, but their first single off of it, “Safe and Sound” is currently making its rounds on top 40 radio.

Beyoncé and Andre 3000’s ‘Back to Black’Remake


In what might be the most controversial track on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, the full version of the Andre 3000 and Beyoncé remake of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” has officially made its debut on the internet.

When the pop diva and Outkast member originally announced that they would be remaking the song for the soundtrack, Winehouse’s dad thought that they would put a spin on the song that would make it enjoyable, yet pay homage to the late singer, just like many of the fans.

When the 90-second snippet of the song was released online, the fans and Winehouse’s father did not take to kindly to the song and even now the audience is a little apprehensive about the song.

Listen to the full track below and tell us what you think of it? Decent or dreadful?

Side note: try to also ignore all the East Village radio promotions every three seconds and random spoken parts that don’t belong (someone failed to learn how to edit their promos onto audio tracks).

Preview of ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack


We all know that The Great Gatsby is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan taking on the iconic F Scott Fitzgerald characters in this updated version. Having been pushed back until May, might have been one of the best movies because just last month the soundtrack’s artist list was revealed.

The soundtrack will consist of Florence and the Machine, Jack White, Beyonce featuring Andre 3000 and Fergie. The full album will be produced by Jay-Z.

For now, everyone can hear snippets of each of the songs on the soundtrack in this six-minute long video.

The Great Gatsby soundtrack will be released on May 6, just in time for the film’s release which is on May 10.

‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack Revealed


Earlier this week it was confirmed that Beyonce and Andre 3000 would be contributing music to the Leonardo DiCaprio starring film which will be released next month. The two would be performing a duet of the Amy Winehouse hit song, “Back to Black.”

Now, the newly released list shows that musicians such as Jack White, Q-Tip, Florence Welch, Lana Del Ray and the xx will also be featured. Jack White will cover U2’s “Love is Blindness” and Emeli Sandé taking on fellow album contribute, Beyonce’s, “Crazy in Love.” The soundtrack will also feature some original songs including the xx’s “Together” and Florence and the Machine’s “Over The Love.”

Watch the trailer for The Great Gatsby including snippets of “Back to Black,” “Young and Beautiful” and “Over the Love” here:


1. Jay-Z – “100$ Bill”
2. Beyoncé and André 3000 – “Back to Black”
3. – “Bang Bang”
4. Fergie, Q-Tip, and GoonRock – “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)”
5. Lana Del Rey – “Young and Beautiful”
6. Bryan Ferry with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – “Love Is The Drug”
7. Florence and the Machine – “Over The Love”
8. Coco O. of Quadron – “Where The Wind Blows”
9. Emeli Sandé and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – “Crazy in Love”
10. The xx – “Together”
11. Gotye – “Hearts a Mess”
12. Jack White – “Love is Blindless”
13. Nero – “Into the Past”

The soundtrack is set to be released on May 7.

Beyoncé and André 3000 to Cover Amy Winehouse for “Great Gatsby”


Sources have now confirmed that Beyoncé  and André 3000 will indeed be covering Amy Winehouse’s hit song, “Back to Black” for The Great Gatsby soundtrack.

For those that don’t remember, Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z will be producing the soundtrack for the film which will be released through Interscope Records. According to a record company source, “it’s a very different take on ‘Back to Black.”

This joint force between the two music powerhouses will be their second time working together, musically. Their first time working together was for Beyoncé’s 2011 single, “Party.”

The Great Gatsby is a remake of the hit F. Scott Fitzgerald book by the same name which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire and is directed by Rome0 + Juliet director, Baz Luhrman. The film was originally supposed to hit theaters just in time for Christmas, but due to some issues, the film had been pushed back until May 10.

Until May rolls around, you can see the trailer for the film right here.