Neck Deep Post Statement About Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Following allegations that were made yesterday (Aug. 22) against several members of Neck Deep, the band has now issued a formal statement about the situation. In the letter, the United Kingdom-based band revealed that they are taking the accusations against guitarist Lloyd Roberts and bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans very seriously and are in the middle of trying to secure all the evidence against them since it is a situation that should be “approached with the utmost regard for all parties.”

In addition to that, they also confirmed that Roberts has decided that it is in the best interest of the band, as well as himself, to step down from the lineup to focus on “on his family, as he does not feel comfortable having his reputation, or that of the band sullied further by these accusations.” While there has been a lot of talk about what exactly Roberts is being accused of, it appears that he and Thorpe-Evans are accused of misconduct with underage girls.

One alleged victim took to her Tumblr account to share her story, with screenshots. She alleges that even though she’s currently 17 years old, all the sexual misconduct including Roberts sending her nude photographs, was done when she was 15. When the allegations first surfaced, Roberts took to Twitter to post a statement which read: “If any one thinks I’ve done something wrong, please tell the police. I’ll be more than happy to help.” He later followed it up with the message: “My previous statement still stands, until the point I hear otherwise I’m going to carry on with my life. Outside the internet.” After that message was posted, Roberts’ full Twitter profile was removed from the social media website.

Read the band’s statement below.

Statement from ND, August 23rd, 2015.

Yesterday, there were some allegations aimed towards our band. We feel that these situations should always be approached with the utmost regard for all parties, so we thank you for your patience whilst we have dealt with this matter internally.

Whilst the full facts of the matter at hand are still unclear, our guitarist Lloyd Roberts has decided to step down from Neck Deep to focus on his family, as he does not feel comfortable having his reputation, or that of the band sullied further by these accusations.

We sincerely apologise to anyone who has been caused distress or been affected by any of these events. As a band, we absolutely treasure our fans, we would not be anywhere without them, and we would never want them to feel disrespected or taken advantage of.

We would, however, like to ask you all to help be part of the solution, to not take part in posting rumours and gossip on the Internet in the absence of clear facts. We also ask that you please refrain from attacking the people making these statements via social media – we do not want anyone to feel victimised in any way.

Further, we cannot emphasise enough that serious allegations of this kind should ALWAYS be brought to the attention of the relevant authorities, and we urge anyone genuinely affected to use those official channels.

All shows will go ahead as planned, and we thank you all for your continued support and belief in Neck Deep.