“All About That Bass” Gets Star Wars Treatment


Star Wars once again made headliners yesterday with the revelation that Episode VII would now be titled, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Of course, all the jokes about the name began, including our personal favorite, Star Wars: The Force Needs Its Cup of Coffee. Like with any revelation that big, a lot of fans not exactly excited about the choice of names (like they’ve ever been happy with any of the titles). But, leave it to The Nerdist to be able to take the negative reactions to the name and give them something funny in the form of a parody of a top 40 radio song.

Chris Hardwick and his crew at the Nerdist took Meghan Trainor’s infectious, pop song, “All About the Bass” and gave it the Jedi treatment rewriting the lyrics to fit the Star Wars world. Things like “Alderaan chunks where Alderaan space was…” and “We know that Sith ain’t real ’cause even I got chopped” replace the original lyrics of the song.

Check out the parody below because you know, “we’re all about that base…no rebels.”