Lily Allen Heads to South Africa, Space in Her “Air Balloon”


Last month, Lily Allen released another new track from her upcoming new album. The song is her synthy-pop laced song “Air Balloon” where she drops names of rock icons such as Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley while ate the same time calling out her haters out there; you know the ones that accused her of being a racist because of the music video for “Hard Out Here”?

Unlike “Hard Out Here,” the video is more like a breath of fresh air with Allen beginning the video in South Africa frolicking with butterflies and a zebra and some random rednecks just hanging on a couch. Eventually we find her floating in outer space like Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

Join Lily Allen in Her ‘Air Balloon’


Lily Allen is back with a brand new video for another new song of hers, “Air Balloon.”

Unlike her previously released song, “Hard out Here” which resulted people up in arms accusing the spitfire of being racist, this new song takes more of a chirpy route. With its synth-pop laced rhythm and the name dropping of classic rock stars like Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley, it’s still doesn’t meant hat she’s not calling out anyone. In this song, she addresses the haters with “and we can’t hear what they say/ Up in my air balloon.”

Check out the audio for the new song here.

“Air Balloon” along with “Hard Out Here” will be featured on Allen’s upcoming new album which has yet to be given an official titled or a release date, but the year is young.