Stream fun.’s Record Store Day Contribution


With less than 24 hours before Record Store Day is slated to begin, one of the special records is currently streaming. Fun. had revealed that their contribution for the yearly event would be Point and Light which went on to become 2009’s Aim and Ignite.

The songs on the Record Store Day EP are the demo versions of the tracks that would go on to become their debut album. Currently, the full EP is being streamed and can be heard below, but for those looking for a physical copy of the five song record, all you need to do is head on over to your local independent record store tomorrow and see if the album is being sold.

Give it a listen.

While the Record Store Day EP is a nice gift, don’t count on fun. hitting the touring circuit anytime soon. The band have been busy taking a break from their three-year tour in support of their break out album, Some Nights.¬†According to a recent interview with Rolling Stones after performing at the NCAA March Madness Festival, frontman Nate Ruess revealed that he is currently writing for what might become their next album and even admitted that when the band got back together for the NCAA show, it made him happy.

As for the other members of fun., it was recently revealed that Jack Antonoff has formed another musical group named Bleachers after he tried to keep it a secret. Bleachers would be his second “side project” band, his first being Steel Train.