Morrissey’s Current Tour Officially Cancelled


Well, it looks like the Morrissey Sickness Chronicles did not end last week when it was revealed that the former Smith’s frontman had to cancel a few dates from his current United States tour. Now, the rest of the tour has become a wash out with even the rescheduled Atlantic City date being cancelled.

At the time, it had just been a flu that no one knew where it came from, knocking out not only The Moz, but his entire crew. Now, it looks like the blame is being put on the former opening act, Kristeen Young.

After the cancelled tour dates had been announced, Young revealed she would no longer be on the tour when someone online wrote how excited they were to see her perform. She replied with a cryptic message saying that she would not be at the show or any others once the tour resumed.

Morrissey then revealed the tour would commence on Saturday, June 7 at Boston Opera House, but the singer reportedly collapsed and was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital following his set.

What is suspicious, is the fact that the post blaming Young for the ailment on Morrissey’s blog, True to You, was written but not signed by the singer. Though he is a frequent poster on the blog, he typically would end the post by signing his name. This post did not feature that.

Young posted a new statement online, revealing that she did not decide to leave the tour on her own; rather, she was asked to leave the tour by Morrissey’s own booking manager, Dave Tamaroff. She was told that a new supporting band would be present in Boston to replace her and her band.

We’re going to take a shot in the dark and assume that all those tickets are going to be refunded and that Morrissey’s recent tours are in fact cursed.