Listen to Aiden’s New Track “New Grave”


It’s almost Devil’s Night which means that Aiden’s final studio album will be heading our way in a couple of days. Over the course of the last week, the Seattle band has released a total of three new tracks from their upcoming self-titled album. On Tuesday (Oct. 27), the added another song to that list.

Heading over to Kerrang!, the band released “New Grave” featuring “The Last Sunrise” tour mate, Adam Crilly from Ashestoangels. Listen to the new track below.

Up until now, Aiden has released several tracks from the impending record including  “Crawling Up from Hell,” “Violence and Devotion” featuring New Years Day’s Ash Costello, and “Animals” featuring Motionless in White’s Chris Motionless.

Speaking with Kerrang!, Francis had the following to say about the band: “Aiden has been on hiatus for a while now but it’s time for me to answer your requests. Aiden was my life for a long time. We spent years on the road playing shows and releasing records, making friends and creating lasting memories. I have a lot of love for this little punk band that gave me so many incredible experiences.”

Aiden is set to be released this Friday, Oct. 30. The record will be available as a free download for fans, but for those who want a physical copy of the album, there will be a limited amount printed. Aiden is the band’s first new album since 2011’s Some Kind of Hate.

Aiden Release New Song Featuring New Years Day Vocalist


With a week left until the release of their final album, Aiden has returned with another new song from the record. The new song is titled “Violence and Devotion” and features vocals by New Years Day frontwoman, Ash Costello. Like lead single “Crawling Up from Hell,” “Violence and Devotion” sounds like a song that could find a home on Nightmare Anatomy; the group’s sophomore record.

Listen to “Violence and Devotion” below.

Aiden’s final album, which happens to be their self-titled, is set to be released next Friday, Oct. 30 (Devil’s Night). According to frontman Wil Francis, Aiden will feature not only Ash Costello as a guest but also Adam Crilly from Ashestoangels, Chris Motionless from Motionless in White, Ryan Seaman from  Falling In Reverse, and Craig Mabbitt from Escape The Fate.

In support of the last release, as well as to say good-bye to their loyal fan base, the band will be hitting the road this fall. The tour was supposed to begin last night (Oct. 22) in Ventura, CA opening up for Black Veil Brides, but the band had to cancel so that drummer C.C. Coma’s hand could get some time to heal following the revelation that he has a torn ligament. Instead, their “The Last Sunrise Tour” will officially kick off tonight in Santa Ana, CA.

Stream Aiden’s New Single “Crawling Up From Hell”


The Aiden farewell tour is scheduled to begin later this month, but before the band can officially say good-bye to those that have stuck by their side since their inception, the band will be releasing their final album just in time for our favorite time of the year.

The last update frontman Wil Francis had posted informed fans that the recording process had been completed and the tracks had been sent out for mixing. Now, the Seattle-based band has given fans a taste of what to expect from their final effort. The lead single from Aiden is a track titled “Crawling Up From Hell” and sounds like a major nod to their breakout record, Nightmare Anatomy. Listen to “Crawling Up From Hell” below.

Aiden is set to be released on Halloween, though at this point we’re a little confused since it was originally Oct. 30 and now it’s looking like Oct. 31. For those wanting a physical copy of the record, pre-orders for that is currently available on the band’s website. Francis, during his last update, announced that only a limited amount of physical copies would be printed and those not purchased through pre-orders will be taken on the road. But for those okay with a digital copy, it will be available at no cost on the release date.

In support of the new album, and as a final farewell to their fans, Aiden will be hitting the road in November. The tour which has been named “The Last Sunrise Tour” will begin next Thursday (Oct. 22) in Venutra, CA and wrap up on Nov. 21 in their hometown on Seattle, WA. The complete list of tour dates can be seen here.

Aiden Announce Final ‘Last Sunrise’ Tour Dates


It’s been a couple of weeks since Aiden frontman Wil Francis unveiled the first handful of tour dates for the group’s final tour and now, we’re getting a major update on the tour itinerary. As promised, the singer has released the complete tour schedule for the upcoming excursion which has fittingly been named “The Last Sunrise Tour.”

As it was previously announced, the tour will kick off on Oct. 22 in Ventura, CA where the Seattle band will open up for Black Veil Brides on their upcoming tour. After opening for Black Veil Brides, Aiden will head out on their own tour with Kissing Candice, Ashes to Angels, and recently added Old Hounds. The tour will then officially wrap up on Nov. 21 in the group’s hometown of Seattle, WA. Check out the tour dates poster below.


In addition to the newly released tour dates, Francis also posted a video on Aiden’s Facebook where he gave fans an update on the new record. Turns out, the recording portion of the new album had been completed at the time of the video being recorded and that it had been sent out to be mixed. Francis also revealed that the album will be the group’s self-titled record and that the artwork will be revealed at a later date. Watch Francis Facebook video below.

The self-titled record is set to be released on Oct. 30 as a free digital download (or in physical copy, like Francis had said in the video).

Aiden’s “The Last Sunrise Tour” Dates Announced


At the beginning of the new year, Aiden frontman Wil Francis had confirmed the band would be heading into the studio to record a new album; their final album. In a letter posted on Facebook, he hinted that there might be a final Aiden tour in the future; a formal way to thank their fan base for all of their long-term support. Now, eight months after Francis wrote that letter, the singer has unveiled the tour dates for Aiden’s last tour.

The tour has been named “The Last Sunrise Tour”; a direct reference to their breakout song, “The Last Sunrise” featured on their sophomore album, Nightmare Anatomy. According to a post on Twitter, Francis has pointed out that the dates on the official tour poster are just a handful of dates and that there are more to come. The first two official dates of the tour, Oct. 22 (Ventura, CA at The Majestic Ventura Theater) and Oct. 23 (Santa Ana, CA at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA ) will find the Seattle group supporting Black Veil Brides on their own headlining tour.

After that, from Oct. 26 (Denver, CO) to Nov. 5 (Philadelphia), the band will be supported by Kissing Candice and Ashes to Angels. Check out the official poster with the first handful of dates below.


As for the new album, it appears that it’s already underway. Months after unveiling the slew of news, Francis wrote an open letter to his former band mates, apologizing for things that had happened in the past and extending an olive branch by asking if they would be interested in returning to the group for the final album. Guest vocalists for the album will include Ashley Costello from New Year’s Day, Adam Crilly from Ashestoangels, Chris Motionless from Motionless in White, while Ryan Seaman from Falling in Reverse will be featured as a guest drummer.

Back in July, Francis revealed his desire to release the new album as a free digital download for all the supportive fans. To fund the album, he auctioned off a lot of his old Aiden memorabilia which included outfits he had worn in the band’s music videos.

As of now, the still-untitled record is set to be released on Oct. 30.

Aiden to Release New Album in the New Year


Good news Aiden fans, the band are getting back together. Well, kind of.

According to frontman Wil Francis (aka William Control), the band will be coming back to life (pun intended) after being quiet for several years while he went off to do several solo endeavors.

In a Facebook post uploaded earlier in the day, the singer revealed that the group will be putting out a new album in 2015 which might lead to them going out on tour this year. This confirmation should come as no surprise since on Dec. 30, after two years of silence “2015” was posted on their Facebook.

The only catch in the recently announced plan is that Francis will be the only original member still attached to the project.

In the post, after his personal reflection on the year that was 2014 and all the good that came from it which included tours and for some reason booty short, he begins to explain why each member left the group. (Long story short, playing in a band does not pay the bills.)

To read the full post, head on over to Aiden’s Facebook here, or you can read that portion of the post below.

“Lastly… Yes you heard that right. There will be an Aiden record and most likely a tour. Aiden has been on hiatus for a while now but it’s time for me to answer your requests. 

Aiden was my life for a long time. We spent years on the road playing shows and releasing records, making friends and creating lasting memories. Towards the end it was clear that punk rock wasn’t going to pay the bills, which is why both Angel and Jake left the band initially. Nick stayed on for a while but after his whole t-shirt printing debacle and inadvertently scamming some of you out of money he’s decided that he couldn’t continue playing bass for Aiden. 

I want you all to know that going forward I have a very reliable merch girl that will get whatever you order, to you, in a reasonable amount of time. If you paid nick some cash and still haven’t received anything, please contact him. Either his twitter or his instagram is the best method, as he does not have a phone to call. I’m sorry that he did this but it in no way reflects on the business of Aiden moving forward. 

So the question begs an answer. As the only original member, would you still like to see Aiden come to your town and play these songs you love so much? I have a lot of love for this little punk band that gave me so many incredible experiences and would be honored to come play these songs for you one last time. It’s something to think about over the next few months. We can address that question again soon.”

Aiden’s last album was 2011’s Some Kind of Hate through Victory Records.