The Rolling Stones to Make How Much on Upcoming Tour?

Rolling Stones

According to an insider at the tour negotiations for The Rolling Stones, the band has signed with concert promoters, AEG Live, after what they describe as “a real crazy offer” to outbid a mess of other promoters as well as independent companies. It is estimated that the band could make anything between $4 to $5 million per show which only indicates how much a single ticket could cost for one of their ‘rumored’ upcoming US tour stops. Rolling Stones Magazine is saying that a top ticket could easily cost anything between $500-$650 which, according to the magazine, is actually less than what they had charged for the most expensive seats at one of their tour stops in late 2012.

The band were initially going to go with Dainty’s group, but then a lawyer for the group reached out to AEG executives and granted their bid on Tuesday. AEG is reportedly going to announced the enormous tour, officially, sometime in April.

Previously it was reported that the band would be heading out on a potential 18-day North American tour and was only backed up with slight evidence from both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards when they were asked in an interview. Their responses for the question might have been cryptic at best, but still there was a hint that this tour would be happening in 2013.

Once the tour is officially announced, it would be the first full tour that the 50-year-old band would head out on since their 2006-2007 tour.