Lea Salonga Performs “A Whole New World” with Il Divo


For anyone who grew up in the golden era of Disney movies also known as the Disney Renaissance, those were the films that helped shape your childhood and probably is the reason why you are in your twenties obsessing about going to Disney World.

But aside from the amazing 2-D art and quotable line, those films also had great soundtracks which to today, you could probably still sing and get emotional about.

For us here, one of our favorite films from that period is Aladdin. To this day, we can still sing all the songs word for word and even know the lyrics to the never-before-released tracks. Come on, if the film didn’t have such a  solid soundtrack how could it have transitioned from the screen to Broadway?

Recently, a video was released which featured Tony-Award winner and The Voice Philippines coach, (and did we mention Princess Jasmine’s singing voice) Lea Salonga singing “A Whole New World.” Il Divo helped Salonga out by performing the Aladdin portion of the duet during the show.

Watch the video below and have a flashback to your childhood and admire how Salonga still sounds the same 22 years later.

Salogna will be joining Il Divo on the European leg of their “A Musical Affair” which sadly will only stay across the pond.

Darren Criss Covers a Disney Classic

Darren Criss

Disney films and Disney soundtracks pretty much sum up some kids’ childhood and in the 1990s, Disney had some of the most amazing films and soundtracks to date. The Little Mermaid (yes, we know it was released in 1989), Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and so forth.

During the weekend, a Glee star and the original singing voice of a couple of princess got together to do their own rendition of an iconic Disney Renaissance film song. Darren Criss and Lea Salonga, who did the singing voice of Princess Jasmine as well as Mulan, covered “A Whole New World” from Aladdin while hanging out at a New York City bar.

Check out the video below.