‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Inspired Flash Mob


In a world where everything is bad news and not enough good stories to make you smile, no wonder most people are cynics and generally not nice. But when something does come along and puts a smile on your face, you should share it, hence why cat and puppy videos make the internet go round.

The people at Mashable decided to bring a smile to the people of New York’s faces while they are dreading the cold weather and last-minute shopping for the holidays by bringing an iconic Christmas scene to live; the Peanuts gang dancing on A Charlie Brown Christmas.

By the look on the audience’s faces, it looks like the impromptu flash mob might have just been the pick me up that they needed especially with the whole gang being there including Linus and his blanket, Schroeder and his piano and of course Snoopy

Watch the iconic scene brought to life below: