Jennifer Lopez Bails on World Cup Performance


Jennifer Lopez was scheduled to perform at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but now it has been revealed that Lopez will no longer perform at the tournament.
Lopez was set to join Pitbull and Brazilian singer, Claudia Lettie to sing their official World cup song, “We Are One (Ole Ola)” at the opening ceremony of the games.
Many were underwhelmed by the song, which reportedly took nine people to write, including Brazilians who are more offended by the fact that there is little to no Portuguese in the song though  Portuguese is one of the main languages in the country. Rather the song is predominately English and Spanish.

The song made its television debut last month during the annual Billboard Music Awards.
According to the Associated Press, the reason behind Lopez’s choice to forgo the tournament performance was because of unspecified “production issues.”

At present time, there is no actual reason as to why the pop star decided to not perform, just a few days short of the opening ceremony aside from the standard press release of  “regretfully Jennifer Lopez will not be attending this year’s World Cup opening ceremonies.”

But Pitbull and Lettie are not letting J.Lo’s bailing stop them from performing the song at the ceremony which will take place before Brazil takes on Croatia on Thursday (June 12) during the opening game in Sao Paulo.

Listen to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Anthem


Last month, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte dropped their official song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, “We Are One”. Before the song had been released, it was confirmed that the official anthem, not to be confused with the song, would be titled “Dar Um Jeito” (“We Will Find A Way”) performed by Carlos Santana, Wyclef, Avicii and Brazilian singer Alexandre Pire.

The song is now available through digital media outlets and Vevo and will be featured on the 2014 FIFA World Cup Soundtrack which will be released on May 12 through RCA Records in the United States. The soundtrack will not only feature both the Pitbull track and the anthem, it will also feature 12 tracks by various familiar World Cup artists including Ricky Martin and Shakira, Sergio Mendes, The Isley Brothers and Bebel Gilberto.

For now check out the new song which will be performed live during the closing ceremony of the soccer (or futbol) tournament on July 13 in Rio de Janiero. 

2014 FIFA World Cup Official Song Released


The 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to kick off in Brazil later this year and now, after months of waiting the theme song for the tournament has been released. The song, “We Are One (Ole Ola),” is collaboration between Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and The Voice Brasil coach/Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte.

In January, FIFA and Sony Music first announced “We Are One” which was written and co-produced by Pitbull, would be the theme song though no one had heard the song nor knew just what it would sound like. Now we have gotten the full song which will be performed live during the soccer tournament’s opening ceremony on June 12 in Sao Paulo.

Paying homage to the trio’s backgrounds, the song is multilingual featuring verses in Portuguese by Leitte.

Pitbull took to Twitter to announced the track’s release as well as to link fans of the song to the FIFA World Cup album it will be featured on, One Love, One Rhythm. We can also now anticipate that the music video for the song will be released any day now considering that the music video was being shot in Ft. Lauderdale in February.

While “We Are One” is the official song for the games, Santana and Wyclef Jean’s soon-to-be-revealed “Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way) will be the official anthem.