Watch Underoath Perform Circa 1998


This year, it feels like many old footage from some of our favorite band have been found and today, a new piece of old treasure was found.

Thanks to YouTube user, Chad Fair, footage of Underoath circa 1998 has surfaced. Since the band was formed back in 1997, it would appear that it might be one of their first shows. At the time of the shoot, the newly-formed band from North Florida had been opening for Blindside.

You can tell that the video is from the beginning because most of the song that had been performed were from their EP, Act of Depression and if you look, there’s no sight of second vocalist Spencer Chamberlain and Dallas Taylor was frontman.

At the time of the video, the line up included Taylor, Luke Morton, Corey Steger, Octavio Fernandez, and baby Aaron Gillespie.

Fast forward to 2012, when the band official announced their plan to disband and you will realized that none of the original members were in the band. Boy, how the years change things.

Check out the video below.