Watch Twenty One Pilots throw a light show from self-isolation in ‘Level of Concern’

Being stuck inside the house may be bad, but Twenty One Pilots are taking advantage and giving fans something new to jam out to.

On Thursday (April 9), the Ohio twosome unleashed a brand new song titled “Level of Concern.” Instead of being dark and brooding, the song’s beat makes you want to get up and dance.

To coincide with the new song’s release, the duo unleashed its official music video.

The almost-four-minute clip begins with frontman Tyler Joseph setting up a camera in what appears to be his recording studio. The video progresses with the singer recording the lyrics and guitar portion of the track while also showing off some dance moves.

Once he’s done, we watch him put a flash drive in an envelope and send it off. Drummer Josh Dunn receives the flash drive and, like Joseph, sets up a camera to record his portion of the song. This back-and-forth of recording their share of the song and mailing it out goes on for the rest of the clip.

In between this ongoing exchange, we see Joseph and his wife with their baby girl and Dunn with his fiancee to throw a massive party in their respective homes.

The twosome once again joined forces with longtime music video collaborators Reel Bear Media. Watch the music video for “Level of Concern” above.

“Level of Concern” is Twenty One Pilots’ first new song since the release of their critically acclaimed fifth studio album, Trench.

Because a lot of musicians are doing their part to help out with the pandemic, Twenty One Pilots are releasing an exclusive Crew Nation hoodie. A portion of proceeds from “Level of Concern” and the hoodie will go to Crew Nation – Global Relief Fund for Live Music Crews. You can find out more about Crew Nation here.

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