Coldplay channel ‘Animal Farm’ for their new music video

Political season is officially here, and many artists are speaking out about some of the significant issues that are plaguing the country.

While Coldplay may not be from the United States, they do live here, so they do have an opinion on what’s going on. In their latest music video, the band took inspiration from a classic piece of literature to show their reaction to some of the racial problems we’re witnessing in 2020.

On Thursday (March 12), the United Kingdom-founded band unleashed the music video for their latest single, “Trouble in Town.” The clip was inspired by George Orwell’s 1945 book “Animal Farm” (and maybe a sprinkle of Disney and Pixar’s “Zootopia”).

The viewer witnesses a dystopian world populated by animals, including politician pigs figuratively rolling in the mud as they debate, street-hustling foxes, and an overzealous snow leopard cop.

The six-minute music video was directed by Aoife McCardle.

Watch the full clip for “Trouble in Town” above.

“Trouble in Town” is featured on Coldplay’s recently released record, Everyday Life.

According to the band, all proceeds from the song and the music video will be split between two different organizations; the Innocence Project and the African Children’s Feeding Scheme (ACFS).

The Innocence Project works to overturn wrongful convictions in the US while the ACFS is a charity for vulnerable children in South Africa.

Last month, the group released a surprise acoustic EP/short film titled Coldplay Reimagined. The compilation includes Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland performing stripped-down versions of “Cry Cry Cry,” “BrokEn,” and “Champion of the World.”

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