The 1975 go full coming-of-age teen films in ‘Me & You Together Song’

You know how we all said that the 1975’s new song could easily soundtrack a coming-of-age teen film from the 2000s? Well, it looks like the band listened because their music video for it seems to channel all of that cheesiness.

On Thursday (Feb. 6), the British band unleashed the music video for their latest single “Me & You Together Song.”

The band is seen playing in a room that looks similar to any band-centric music video from the 2000s (we honestly thought of Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar, We’re Going Down” at first).

It’s like the director asked the band, “How many 2000s Easter eggs do you want?” and the group responded with “yes.”

In between shots of the foursome, we see couples making out or hooking up. Playing up the teen film cliches, we see a rocker dude pining over the perky popular girl. We also see a cool alternative chick catching the eye of a shy dude, both of them eventually hooking up.

But, it’s not just heterosexual couples in the video. The band does an excellent job of including all kinds of couples in the music video because love is love.

Watch the music video for “Me & You Together Song” above.

“Me & You Together Song” is the fourth single off the 1975’s much-anticipated fourth studio album,  Notes on a Conditional Form.  It joins their traditional “The 1975” track, “People,” and “Frail State of Mind” on the forthcoming studio effort.

Notes on a Conditional Form is due out April 24.

In support of its springtime release date, the band previously announced plans for a North American outing. The cross-continent excursion begins on April 27 at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion in Houston. It concludes a month-and-a-half later on June 11 at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Georgia.

The full list of tour dates can be found here.

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