Watch Hayley Williams become a punk-rock butterfly in ‘Leave it Alone’

Hayley Williams is giving us all the horror movies feels with all the Petals for Armor music videos she’s released so far….so what’s another one?

On Thursday (Jan. 30), the Paramore vocalist unleashed the third music video from her much-anticipated solo album. Titled “Leave it Alone,” the nearly five-minute clip picks up right after “Simmer (Interlude).”

After being knocked out by a monstrous version of herself in “Simmer,” Williams is wrapped up in a cocoon of spider webs as if the monster version of herself was trying to heal her. Throughout the clip, we see a cocooned version of Williams become a butterfly of sorts with dramatic makeup and zip ties in her hair to make it look like a spiky mohawk.

While she starts to emerge from the cocoon slowly, the normal version of herself is lost in a forest. She comes upon a tree, and curiosity gets the best of her. She pulls at a piece of bark that seems to be spewing syrup, but in the end, seems to be harming the butterfly version of the singer.

Confusing? Not really. We feel like it’s Williams’ way of saying that she’s ready to evolve like a butterfly but is still holding on to some part of her former self. Talk about symbolism.

Watch the complete music video for “Leave it Alone” above.

“Simmer,” “Simmer (Interlude),” and “Leave it Alone” will all be featured on Williams’ upcoming album, Petals for Armor. Petals for Armor is due out May 8 through Atlantic Records.

The album was produced by Williams’ Paramore bandmate Taylor York.


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