Ben Platt unleashes ‘The Politician’ companion EP

Armed with a chart-topping debut album, several sold-out gigs, and a hit Netflix series, you’d think Ben Platt would take some kind of time off, right?


On Tuesday (Oct. 22), the award-winning artist unleashed a four-song EP directly connected to his current project, Netflix’s The Politician. Dubbed Music from the Netflix Original Series the Politician (yeah we know, the title is longer than the album’s runtime), the record features updated versions of several tracks from classic and iconic performers.

The album includes reworked versions of Joni Mitchell’s “River,” Billy Joel’s “Vienna,” and Stephen Sondheim’s “Unworthy of Your Love,” the latter performed as a duet by Platt and his The Politician co-star Zoey Deutch (check it out above).

But covers are not the only things you will find on the surprise album. Platt’s original song “Run Away” rounds out the record. “Run Away” can be found on Platt’s recently released debut album Sing to Me Instead.

Sing to Me Instead was released at the end of March and peaked at the number 18 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Before its release, the album sprouted several singles, including “Temporary Love,” “Grow As We Go,” “Ease My Mind,” and lead single “Bad Habit.”

Last week, Platt made headlines when he appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show and performed his own rendition of Bob Dylan’s 1997 track “Make You Feel My Love” with the “American Idol” winner. The original version of the song can be found on Dylan’s 30th (yup 30th) studio album, Time Out of Mind.

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