Harry Styles shares his first new song in two years

Hello Harry Styles, and welcome back.

On Friday (Oct. 11), the musician (finally) unleashed his first new song in two years. Titled “Lights Up,” the track serves as the first single off his yet-to-be-titled sophomore album.

To coincide with the song’s release, the former One Direction member unleashed the dirty and steamy video for the tune. The barely-three-minute clip primarily features a shirtless (and sweaty) Styles dancing and grinding on couples in what appears like some kind of orgy.

In between shots of the singer working his way through the sweaty crowd, the viewer watches as Styles rides on the back of a motorcycle, is isolated in a stark white mansion, and yes, there appears to be a slight “Sign of the Times”/debut album cover art reference with the singer suspended over pink-toned water.

Watch the music video for “Lights Up” above.

“Lights Up” was co-written and produced by Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon, who also worked with Styles on his debut album.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Styles also unveiled that his much-anticipated follow-up to 2017’s self-titled was recorded in six weeks at Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La in Malibu.

“We were here for six weeks in Malibu, without going into the city,” he tells the publication. “People would bring their dogs and kids. We’d take a break to play cornhole tournaments. Family values!”

When asked about the direction of the album, Styles also revealed that the collection will feature some of the “toughest, most soulful songs” he’s written.

“It’s all about having sex and feeling sad.”

Now that’s an album, we’re definitely ready to hear.

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