Watch Foster the People hit up sketchy alleyways in ‘Pick U Up’

The week is officially coming to an end and Foster the People are celebrating by releasing a brand new music video.

On Friday (Oct. 4), the Los Angeles-founded act shared the three-and-a-half-minute clip for their latest single “Pick U Up.”

The music video begins with a guy playing Mahjong with a group of older gentlemen on a sidewalk in front of what looks like a Chinese restaurant or bodega. After winning the game, the older gentlemen begin to accuse him of cheating when he takes off running, away from his accusers with a bag of goods.

He makes his way across town to a sketchy alleyway where he knocks on a door only to be greeted by burly guys with tattoos. In a situation that could have ended badly for the guy, a woman luckily shows up, confirming to the tattooed bunch that he’s a friend.

The protagonist exchanges his Mahjong winnings for two silver briefcases which, we later find out, house two pairs of skates. As the video progresses, we watch the duo don the skates and show off some impressive moves to a bar full of customers.

Watch the Mark Foster-directed clip for “Pick U Up” above.

A fan on Twitter made an observation about the new song stating that it sounds like it was inspired by Courtney Barnett.

“‘Pick U Up’ by Foster the People sounds like it’s Courtney Barnett inspired,” the fan posted on the social media site.

Well, Foster was quick to reply, confirming the fan’s theory.

“Good ear. I was thinking that as I was writing the second verse,” Foster admits.

“Something about the tonally spoken cadence. Love Courtney Barnett.”

“Pick U Up” follows a string of other non-album singles the group has released over the last year. Those tracks include “Imagination,” “Style,” and “Worst Nites.”

While fans have been asking non-stop about the status of the band’s follow-up to 2017’s Sacred Hearts Club (because that’s what fans do), Foster revealed that the group was going to do something different this year with their new tunes.

“We’re going to be dropping music every 6 weeks or so. Instead of dropping an album, we are doing something different this year; dropping singles, that’s the goal,” the singer said during a live chat.

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