Watch Charlie Puth mourn a failed relationship in ‘Cheating on You’

Charlie Puth may not be giving us a new studio album any time soon, but we’re still grateful for all the standalone singles he’s been blessing us with. On Tuesday (Oct. 1), the New York-born singer unleashed his third new track of 2019.

Titled “Cheating on You,” the song was self-produced by the musician and co-written with J. Kash. To coincide with the song’s release, Puth also unleashed its accompanying music video.

The three-and-a-half-minute tune begins with a title card in which Puth admits that “this song is not about a person. It’s about a feeling I’ve never had.”

Kind of suspicious, but we’ll let it slide.

The shot soon changes to a rainy day in New York City as people go about their business, umbrellas opened, protecting them from the elements. We watch as the newly bleach-blonde singer takes to the streets, his overall appearance mirroring the melancholy look of the city.

Puth’s stroll through the neighborhood finds him mindless wandering through the construction-infested streets, Central Park, and eventually a diner where he watches a happy couple cuddling through a mirror. But, this is (somewhat) real life, and when you cheat on someone, there’s no proper resolution as we watch Puth’s mood not once shift from crestfallen.

Watch the Tyler Yee-directed music video above.

“Cheating on You” follows the release of “Mother” which came out in mid-September and “I Warned Myself” which he unleashed in late August.

All three tracks come a year after Puth released his Grammy-nominated sophomore album Voicenotes. The record features some of his biggest hits to date including “Attention,” “How Long,” “The Way I Am,” and “Done for Me” featuring Kehlani.

In between writing and producing his own tunes, Puth has been busy lending a helping hand to some of his fellow Top 20 colleagues.

You can find Puth’s influence in many tracks including Katy Perry’s “Small Talk,” 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Easier,” Maroon 5’s “Lips on You,” and Michael Bublé’s “Love You Anymore.”

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