Walk the Moon get creepy with ‘Lose You Again’

Walk the Moon are closing out the week by giving fans a brand new song. On Friday (Aug. 23), the Ohio-founded band unleashed their third new song of the year, “Lose You Again.’

The tune comes days after the four-piece began teasing new music on social media. Each day, short clips of each band member performing a snippet of the new song would appear on their official social media account.

In a post about the song, the band reveals that “‘Lose You Again’ came from somewhere between our dreams & our nightmares.”

They also revealed that the song came together with the help of BRÅVES.

“The song is a hybrid creation with our brothers, the enigmatic BRÅVES.”

The three-and-a-half-minute clip finds frontman Nick Petricca sitting on a bed, in a dark room surrounded by a notebook, pen, keyboard, and a small flashlight. Randomly, sneaky hands start to appear from the shadows, pushing and pulling him in different directions. We’re not sure if they’re trying to inspire him to write this new song or freak him the hell out.

Watch the dark and creepy video for “Lose You Again” above. “Lose You Again” is available for streaming and purchase here.

“Lose You Again is the Walk the Moon’s third standalone single of the year. In January, they premiered their radio smash “Timebomb” and then followed it up a few months later with “Eat Your Heart Out.”

At the moment, it appears that all these songs are standalone singles, but anything can happen within the next couple of months. “Timebomb,” “Eat Your Heart Out,” and “Lose You Again” are Walk the Moon’s first new set of tunes since the release of their fourth studio album, What If Nothing.

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