The All-American Rejects return with their three-song EP, share its lead single

After what has felt like an eternity, the All-Amerian Rejects are finally back! On Tuesday (July 16), the Oklahoma-founded group returned with a slew of goodies for their patient (but long-suffering) fan base. Two years after releasing their last set of new tunes (“Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes”), the four-piece confirmed the immediate release of their digital EP.

Titled Send Her to Heaven, the record features three new tracks; “Gen Why? (DGAF),” “Demons,” and the album’s title track and lead single “Send Her to Heaven.”

Watch the four-minute, theatrical music video for “Send Her to Heaven” above.

Send Her to Heaven is currently available for purchase here. This EP marks the band’s first release through their new home of Epitaph Records.

When asked about the decision to release these three songs together on the album, guitarist Nick Wheeler revealed that it had to do with each of the song’s connection to one another.

“’Send Her to Heaven’ and ‘Demons’ just went together thematically,” Wheeler reveals to Alternative Press in a recent interview.

“‘Send Her to Heaven’ is about a debaucherous person, and ‘Demons’ is the redemption and the self-realization at the end of it. We had listened to the songs together and thought, ‘Hey, this makes sense. Let’s put them all out there.’”

Now that there’s new music out there don’t expect this to be a precursor to a brand new album. The group does not have any plans to release the long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s Kids in the Street any time soon.

“There’s not a plan to do that [an album] anytime soon, but we’re naturally coming into the space where we are creating when we feel like it,” Wheeler reveals.

“When the opportunity for us to make music on a greater scale happens, we’re going to take that opportunity and run with it. Hopefully [this EP] will take us naturally into our next chapter, whatever that is.”

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