Emarosa showcase the power of parental love in ‘Get Back Up’

For anyone who was following Emarosa’s press cycle before the release of Peach Club, they would be aware that one of the songs on it was very special for frontman Bradley Walden. When the group announced “Get Back Up” would be a pre-album-release single, Walden was quick to unveil that the inspiration behind the song was his mom. Months after the album’s February release, Emarosa has returned with the song’s music video just in time for Mother’s Day.

On Thursday (May 9), the Kentucky-founded band joined forces with Pop Crush to debut the over-three-minute music video for the song. The clip begins with a kid looking through the window of a door inside of a school. Seated in the room is a woman who we can assume is his mother alongside his teacher.

Not being able to take the scene in front of him, he bursts through the day in an attempt to save his mother from the clutches of his evil teacher and school. Along the way, they find a map that has the direction on how to escape. After making a pinkie promise to meet up again, they head out on their own missions.

Of course, obstacles do appear in the form of that pesky teacher, a sword-fighting janitor, a gym class, and another teacher/principal. At the end, they do manage to escape and show the viewer the adorable and strong bond between a mother and her child.

Watch the music video for “Get Back Up” above.

When speaking about the song to the publication, Walden reveals how his mother being a single-parent influenced him and the song.

“She divorced when I was young. We were ripped from our lives and forced from our home. There was a time where we didn’t know where we’d go, living with family just to get back to our feet,” the singer reveals.

He adds: “The constant struggles always knocked us down, but she was a resilient woman. If it wasn’t for watching someone get back up time and time again when life wouldn’t let up, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.”

“Get Back Up” is featured on Emarosa’s recently released record, Peach Club.

In support of Peach Club’s release, the Emarosa previously announced plans to head out on the road with Set It Off on their Midnight world tour. The upcoming tour kicks odd On June 11 at Black Sheep in Colorado Springs and concludes a little over a month later on July 19 at Strummers in Fresno. The full list of tour dates can be found here.


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