Two Door Cinema Club return with a new song, announce new album due out in June

It’s been three years since Two Door Cinema Club released their last studio album, but now it looks like they’re about to change that. On Wednesday (April 24), the Irish band announced plans to unleash their fourth studio album in the summer. Titled False Alarm, the album is due out June 14 via Prolifica Inc/PIAS.

“It feels good to be able to say this – our brand new album FALSE ALARM will be released on 14th June,” the band announced on Twitter.

Pre-orders for the upcoming release are currently available for purchase on the band’s website. The ten-track album was recorded in London and Los Angeles with producer Jacknife Lee.

False Alarm is the follow-up to the group’s 2016 release, Gameshow.

In conjunction with the new album announcement, the band headed over to Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show to debut the album’s lead single “Satellite.” While on the show, frontman Alex Trimble explained to Lowe how the new album will find the outfit experimenting with their sound, but also giving fans a record that sounds like a Two Door Cinema Club album.

“I love the pop thing. I love experimenting and going to different places, I love doing things that are a little bit wonky, and I love the idea of doing something we haven’t done before, why can’t we do all of those things at once?” Trimble explains to Lowe.

“That’s what it was, doing whatever felt right… It sounds like Two Door Cinema Club – not a Two Door Cinema Club there’d ever been before, but that’s what I love. We can always do something new, but it always feels like something we’ve done.”

Listen to “Satellite” above.

In addition to the new album and its single, the group also teased upcoming tour plans.

“US tour happening this September/November. UK tour happening this October! Details to follow,” the trio writes.

With a teaser like that, it looks like US and UK fans alike should keep a watchful eye on the band’s social media accounts.


1. “Once”
2. “Talk”
3. “Satisfaction Guaranteed”
4. “So Many People”
5. “Think”
6. “Nice to See You”
7. “Break”
8. “Dirty Air”
9. “Satellite”
10. “Already Gone”

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