lovelytheband prove ‘love is love’ in ‘maybe, i’m afraid’

Lovelytheband is back to give their fans all the feels with their latest music video. On Friday (April 19), the California-founded band unleashed the music video for their latest single “maybe, i’m afraid.”

The almost-four-minute clip for the song finds a man reminiscing about his journey to come to terms with his sexuality. The video begins with him as a kid, playing catch with his father, but then sneaking away to read “girly” magazines. As he grows into a young adult, we watch as he begins a relationship with a woman, but by the way they interact, it doesn’t look like he’s in it for love, but rather to hide his true self.

Following a lot of awkward interactions and a massive fight, it looks to be over. He doesn’t seem to take it well as he runs off to the beach and goes into the water; probably his lowest point in life. As he moves into adulthood, we watch as his father appears with what looks like a ring box. The footage shifts to the man now standing at the altar, his father looking all happy for him. As the camera slightly shifts, we see that he’s marrying another man (his father looks so happy for him, crying happy tears).

Watch the music video for “maybe, i’m afraid” above.

The video is a joint effort between the band and Beyond I Do, a campaign to raise awareness of the discrimination millions of LGBT Americans face every day and to promote equality for all Americans.

The idea to join forces with Beyond I Do came after the band learned that LGBTQ Americans in 30 states can legally be fired, evicted or denied service just because of their sexuality. Instead of turning a blind eye to this, the group decided to address this issue with the music video.

“maybe, i’m afraid” joins lovelytheband’s hit single “broken” on the group’s debut record finding it hard to smile.

The band is currently on the road for their finding it hard to smile tour with Flora Cash and Jagwar Twins. Lovelytheband’s upcoming tour itinerary also includes appearances at several music festivals such as Hangout Festival, BottleRock Napa Valley, Firefly Music Festival, and Bunbury Festival.

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