Jackie Evancho channels Eliza Schuyler’s heartbreak in ‘Hamilton’ cover

Jackie Evancho won the hearts of music lovers when she was just ten years old and has managed to make the graceful jump from cute “child prodigy” to a full-fledged talented adult vocalist. With her new studio album just a few hours away from being released, the singer has gifted fans the music video for one of the tracks on the album. On Thursday (April 11), Evancho released the music video for her take on the Hamilton track, “Burn.”

The music video for the song finds Evancho playing the part of the heartbroken girlfriend after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Like Eliza Schuyler (Alexander Hamilton’s wife), Evancho has to watch as her significant other’s infidelity is plastered all over the place for everyone around her to see. As she gets sympathetic looks from those around her, the line “the world has no right to my heart” seals that the relationship is over.

Evancho’s video plays homage to how Eliza dealt with the news of her husband’s infidelity in the musical after he publicly revealed his affair in The Reynolds Pamphlet (he did this to avoid having his political reputation tarnished). Eliza goes into hiding to avoid the sympathetic looks but eventually has to put that aside and live her own life.

The almost-four-minute clip was directed by Kamp Kennedy. Watch the music video for “Burn” above.

“Burn” is featured on Evancho’s upcoming Broadway-inspired album, The Debut. The Debut is due out this Friday, April 12, through Vydia. Pre-orders are still available for the record on Evancho’s website.

The Debut features songs from some of Broadway’s current hit musicals like Dear Evan Hansen (“Requiem”), Anastasia (“Once Upon a December”), Wicked (“I’m Not That Girl”), The Greatest Showman (“A Million Dreams”), and more.

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