Watch Brendon Urie’s puppet go crazy in ‘Dancing’s Not a Crime’

The Amazing Beebo may be stealing hearts during Panic! at the Disco’s current tour, but now it looks like the puppet is stealing the scene in their new music video. On Monday (March 19), the Las Vegas-founded band unleashed the music video for their latest single “Dancing’s Not a Crime.” The four-minute video follows frontman Brendon Urie’s puppet Beebo as he spends the day with the group on tour.

The clip includes Beebo annoying Urie while he’s working, participating in rehearsals, meeting and hanging out with fans, and drinking, h so much drinking. Even though Urie seems to be keeping a watchful eye on his “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” alter ego, Beebo still manages to get himself into so much mischief.

As the video comes to an end, the viewer watches a passed out Beebo sleeping in what looks to be the band’s dressing room. Urie does not look happy as he walks in and smacks Beebo across the head and begins to give him a lecture.

“Security just told me they found you in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, puking your brains out!” Urie says.

“You missed the whole goddamn show. What do you have to say for yourself, man?!”

As Beebo is about to respond, Urie cuts him off.

“You know what…I don’t even want to know,” Urie ends before turning around and leaving a flabbergasted Beebo sitting on the sofa.

Watch the full music video for “Dancing’s Not a Crime” above.

“Dancing’s Not a Crime” is the latest single off Panic! at the Disco’s recently released record, Pray for the Wicked.

“Dancing’s Not a Crime” joins “Hey Look Ma, I Made It,” “King of the Clouds,” “(F**k A) Silver Lining,” “Say Amen (Saturday Night),” and their smash hit “High Hopes” on their sixth studio album.

Panic! at the Disco is currently in the middle of the European leg of their lengthy Pray for the Wicked world tour. The excursion will conclude in early April. 

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