Awaken I Am share music video for ‘Kin’

Awaken I Am have returned with another new song off their upcoming new EP. On Thursday (March 14), the Australian band released the music video for their third single, “Kin.”

As with all five songs featured on the forthcoming record, “Kin” is a tribute to the group’s late guitarist Connor Verner-Oakley. The song begins with the spine-chilling news report of the tragic accident that claimed Verner-Oakley’s life. The video continues with the band performing the song on a soundstage while shots of the people who were affected by the accident are interwoven.

Don’t expect the band to shy away from calling out the person responsible for the tragedy. With lyrics such as “I hope that there’s no peace” and “What I once loved now just brings pain and what brought pain has become my escape,” the group is making it known that they will never forgive the responsible party.

“What would you say to someone who took a loved one from you if you had the chance?” begins drummer Luke McKenzie in a press statement about the new track.

“Part of dealing with the loss of our brother Connor was coming to terms that he was taken from us far too soon and the anger stemming from that. ‘Kin’ was our chance to bring those emotions to the surface and say what we needed towards the responsible party.”

Listen to “Kin” above.

“Kin” joins previously released tracks “Dissolution” and “Indifference” on The Beauty in Tragedy.

Following Oakley’s death, the band made their way to the United States to write and record their new set of songs with producer Taylor Larson (The Word Alive, Asking Alexandria). Two of the songs (“By Your Side” and “Dissolution”) were written by Oakley before his untimely death while the other three tracks (“Kin,” “Indifference,” and “The Stages of Grief”) are tributes to the act’s fallen bandmate.

The five-song record is due out via Victory Records on April 26 which also happens to be Oakley’s birthday.

Oakley passed away in May 2018 in what the band referred to as a “tragic accident” though no further information was given on his cause of death. In a post on Facebook at the time, they promised fans that the band would continue as a way to fulfill Oakley’s passion and “make him proud by keeping it alive.”

Awaken I Am will host a public Q&A session this Monday, March 18, through Ask Me Anything at r/posthardcore. The chat will begin at 7 p.m. EST.

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