All Time Low to take “a bit of a break” in 2019

Is All Time Low going on a slight hiatus in the new year? If fans are to believe what frontman Alex Gaskarth said in a recent interview, then it looks very likely. On Friday (Jan. 4), British music publication Kerrang! posted an interview with Gaskarth. During the chat, the magazine and the musician touched on a lot of topics including the band taking a break after touring nonstop throughout the last two years.

“We’re taking a bit for a break. For the last couple of records, we’ve done two-year-long cycles. With Last Young Renegade, it was winding down in the first half of 2018, but then we decided to put out ‘Birthday’ and ‘Everything is Fine,’ which revitalized that campaign and led to more dates on the calendar. That meant another six months was tacked on to what had already been a full album cycle,” he tells Kerrang!

“For us, it feels too soon to be properly thinking about the next record – I need to sleep for at least a fortnight straight! We need to figure out what’s next and what All Time Low should be doing going forward.”

For the four-piece, it does make senses to take a break to revitalize their musical juices. Their last studio album, 2017’s Last Young Renegade, sounded a lot more mature, but earned mixed reviews from their fan base. As for surprise singles “Birthday” and “Everything is Fine,” the two tracks found the band returning to their pop-punk roots, though not entirely.

But, if you were expecting for all four member to go into hibernation for an extended period of time, then you would be wrong. According to Gaskarth, he is interested in working with other musicians especially in the songwriting department during the break.

“I definitely won’t be stepping back from music, that’s for sure,” he shared with the magazine. “I’m looking to do more outside writing for other bands. I’ve been passionate about that for years now, but with All Time Low being what it is, it’s hard to find the time I need to dedicate to it. I’ll be making myself available in 2019 to anyone who wants to write with me, so people should definitely keep an eye out for what I’m up to. There’ll be stuff going on.”

Before taking their well-deserved snooze, the Baltimore-founded band does have one last engagement on their agenda. Back in October, All Time Low was one of eight bands confirmed for this year’s Slam Dunk Festival. The previously announced roster will also include appearances by NOFX, New Found Glory, Waterparks, Story of The Year, Bullet for My Valentine, Saves the Day, and more.

The weekend-long music festival will take place on Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26. The first day of the festival will take place at its new Leeds home of Temple Newsam Park while the second day will place at Hatfield Park in Hertfordshire.

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